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Period 1/2 Math 7


Period 4/5 Honors Math


Period 6/7 Math 7


Period 7/8 Honors Math


About Me


Hi!  My name is Mr. Keller.  I have been teaching at the SHAPE program at Delsea for the past six summers, I was a teacher in Hamilton Twp for four years, and I am now lucky enough to be full time here at Delsea for my fourth year!  Feel free to reach out to me any time at [email protected], or call at 694-0100 x 439.  The best time to reach me is right after school around 3:30, Monday through Thursday.


7th Grade Math

Students enrolled in this course will build upon mathematical concepts and be introduced to pre-algebra readiness skills in preparation for Math 8. The topics covered will be aligned with the Common Core State Standards. The primary units of study are The Tools of Algebra, Integers, Rational Numbers, Expressions, Equations, Inequalities, Ratios, Proportions, Percent Applications, 2-D and 3-D Geometry, Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability. Student focus will be on mathematical higher order thinking skills, problem solving and technology while solving real-world problems throughout each major unit of study.