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Professional School Nurse; Definition of School Nursing

School nursing is an allegiant practice that works to protect and promote the health and safety of students to facilitate optimal development, wellness, and advance academic success.


School nurses are established in ethical and evidence-based practices and are the leaders bridging the gap between health care and education, we advocate for quality student-centered care, providing care coordination, and collaborate with parents/guardians and those involved in designing plans that allow students and communities to develop their full potential.


Adopted by the NASN Board of Directors, February 2017



WHAT do Professional School Nurses do?

  • School Nurses assess injuries and illnesses and respond with appropriate intervention methods.
  • School Nurses develop Individualized Healthcare Plans (IHP) for students who have health conditions and disabilities.
  • School Nurses conduct vision and hearing screenings, as well as other routine health checks.
  • School Nurses refer students to healthcare professionals and specialists for failed screenings.
  • School Nurses discuss the prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases with older students and collaborate with staff members to implement prevention programs.
  • School Nurses create strategies to prevent tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drug use by students.
  • School Nurses provide referral services for students who are in crisis.
  • School Nurses help students manage infections and chronic diseases by teaching self-care skills.
  • School Nurses administer daily and as-needed medications.
  • School Nurses collaborate with principals and teachers in providing extra resources and instruction to students in the classroom setting on various developmentally appropriate topics.
  • School Nurses act as the point of contact for parents and the community for health-related concerns.
  • School Nurses monitor disease prevention by collaborating with principals, and parent/guardian to ensure all students are up-to-date on Immunizations to prevent infectious disease outbreak.
  • School Nurses collaborate with the Athletic Trainer and Athletic Director to ensure students are up-to-date on sports physicals and clearances to participate in school athletics.




*Note, this list is not all-inclusive but gives you a glimpse into the vocation of a Professional School Nurse!








Updated 3/19/2020