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1st Grade Social Studies




Goals: Understand why it is important to have a family. Examine the needs and wants of family members. Explain what a family member is and give examples of how families are alike and different. Examine relationships in families. Reflect upon the importance of one’s own family.



Goals: Understand that food is a basic need. Demonstrate the importance of eating a variety of foods. Explain that many foods are made through a process.



Goals: Understand that clothing is a basic need. Recognize why many people wear many different kinds of clothes. Recognize how clothing has changed over time. Identify various fibers and the process in which clothing is made.



Goals: Understand that shelter is a basic need. Appreciate that people lies in different types of shelters. Recognize that climatic conditions affect the type of shelter people live in. Examine various homes found around the world. Examine different materials used to build a variety of homes.



American Symbols


Goals: Appreciate our country and freedom. Recognize the meaning of a symbol. Examine, identify and locate American symbols. Comprehend the symbolism behind American symbols.