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Welcome, Parents!

This will be a very exciting, fun filled year for you and your child! Below is important information for you to know this year! Please know my email and phone are always available and the most important thing is the happiness of your child. The following are a few important items for you to prepare to ensure a smooth start to your child's school year.



Your child may buy or bring their lunch each day. You may click the monthly menu link to view the "hot choice" of the day and if the hot choice is not to their liking, there are alternate selections they may choose instead. It is up to you to keep track of your "Aramark" account. If the account falls below $5.00, you will get notification from the cafeteria to replenish it.




We eat a small snack everyday for about 15 min. Snacks should come in a separate bag from their lunch box, labeled with your child's name and snack. Snack bags should not be put inside the lunch box. Please remember to keep the snacks healthy and nut free! Also remember to keep candy, chips and cookies at home.  At LCS we have a no food sharing policy due to the many allergies among our students. Therefore, remind your child it is very important that they do not offer to share their food with classmates! We are a nut aware environment, therefore, please be aware of foods that have, or may contain, nuts.