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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my classroom. I want everyone to feel confident and comfortable in my class. You can reach me by email anytime, and I will respond promptly. I will try to maintain constant contact with parents so they are up to date with how their scholars are doing in my class. Grades will be updated weekly and homework assignements will be entered each week as well. If there is anything you need to let me know, or if you have questions about anything, please feel free to contact me at anytime by email. 




Homework Policy: Homework is to be completed and ready to turn in by our next class. Example: If I assign homework on Monday, you wont have my class again until Wednesday due to block scheduling. Your homework would be due first thing on Wednesday when you arrived to my class. 



I look forward to this year and I know we are all going to be successful!


Google Classroom Codes:

Block 1: imn4pap

Block 2: qi2mjo

Block 3: mez3ct3

Block 4: vmpzw

Block 5: sgt5uz2

Block 6: r2cwkom

Block 9: fkdaea

Block 10: yogxbt