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Welcome to Kindergarten!


I am looking forward to a fun, fantastic, and successful year with your child. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. or 239-458-0033




**Important Dates and Reminders**

Fairy Tale Ball 5/18



Math Q4 Skills


Numbers 20 and Beyond


2D and 3D Shapes


Data Collection


Counting to 100 by 1s, 10s, and counting on from any given number


Calendar-identify days, month and year on a calendar


Addition fluency within 5


0+0=0, 0+1=1, 0+2=2, 0+3=3, 0+4=4, 0+5=5,  1+0=1, 1+1=2, 1+2=3, 1+3=4, 1+4=5, 2+0=2, 2+1=3, 2+2=4, 2+3=5, 3+0=3, 3+1=4, 3+2=5, 4+0=4, 4+1=5, 5+0=5


Subtraction fluency within 5


0-0=0, 1-0=1, 1-1=0, 2-0=2, 2-1=1, 2-2=0, 3-0=3, 3-1=2, 3-2=1, 3-3=0, 4-0=4, 4-1=3, 4-2=2,


4-3=1, 4-4=0, 5-0=5, 5-1=4, 5-2=3, 5-3=2, 5-4=1, 5-5=0



Language Arts Q4 Skills


Sight words: what, said, was, where, come, came, big, went, if, now, ride, just, good, some, into, too, want, very, over, your


Writing a question: capital letter at the beginning only, finger spaces between words, question mark at the end and being able to draw a picture that matches the sentence.


Phonograms/dictation: ur, wor, ear, ng, ea, aw, au, or, ck, wh, ed, ew, ui, oa


Phonemic Awareness—Manipulate sounds in words– ex. Say pen, change the /p/ to /t/.  Say the new word– ten.


 Phonemic Awareness—Syllables, blend words with beginning blends


Spelling CVC words—(consonant/vowel/consonant) ex. cat







Breakfast/Bellwork 8:30-9:05

Calendar/Word Wall 9:05-9:50

Writing 9:50-10:20

Specials 10:25-11:10

Math 11:10-12:05

12:09 - 12:35 Lunch

12:36 - 12:56 Recess

1:00 - 2:30 Literacy Block

2:30 - 3 Read Aloud/Science and Social Studies

3 - 3:05 Pack up



Ways to help your child practice at home:

1. Hang up the sight words and ball words cards on their wall or door 

2. When you are in the car, ask them beginning sounds of things they see, rhyming words, count syllables in words, count how many trucks they see in 1 minute...

3. Have them sort laundry by color and/or size

4. Set goals with rewards

5. Have them explain their work and homework to you as if they were the teacher

6. Have them practice writing simple sentences with correct punctuation. 




School Information Below


Bell Times: 8:55-3:10 (Doors open at 8:30). If students are in the classroom by 8:55 they are considered tardy.

Breakfast: Your child must go directly to the cafeteria to get breakfast before coming to class. They will eat in the room and must finish by the 8:55 bell.

Planner: Your child will bring their planner home daily. Please check it and sign it every day as this will be our main communication. I will check it in the morning for any notes and/or lunch money. I will also send test scores, weekly skills to practice at home, and any other important information in it.  

Homework: I will send the weekly homework packet home on Monday and it is due in full by Friday. Please also practice Spalding Phonograms.

Snack: We do not have a specific time for snack. Students receive snacks throughout the day. Please do not pack individual snacks. We will take class donations of store-bought items throughout the year (pretzels, animal crackers, goldfish, cereal). Please be sure to let me know if your child has ANY ALLERGIES!

Uniform: Please make sure your child is dressed in school wide uniform attire and color. On Friday, students may wear a Diplomat Theme Shirt (Can be purchased at the school store).

Dismissal: For the safety of your child, I need a written note if your child is changing the way they go home at any time. Please send in the yellow piece of paper.