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Homework Procedure (6-8)



Homework is a component of the 6-8 instructional program.  Assignments will vary in accordance to the needs of the class and will relate to classroom instruction.  Homework shall be assigned as reinforcement of class instruction. It shall be of quality and relevance to the subject matter, and further the student’s comprehension. Assignments must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Homework should be tied to the curriculum and to a student’s instructional level with consideration of the student’s ability;
  • Homework should have explicit directions and timelines;
  • Homework should be designed to review materials and to reinforce skills and materials taught in class, to prepare for an upcoming class topic, to extend or generalize concepts or skills learned from familiar to new situations, and to offer opportunity for the student to integrate, extend or creatively apply skills already learned;
  • Homework may not be used as a disciplinary measure;
  • Homework will not be assigned during school recess periods except for the completion of previously assigned long-term projects which can’t be collected for at least a week after the end of the recess period.
  • Parents, teachers, and administrators should recognize that homework completion times will vary based on individual abilities and strategies employed.



Homework Procedure Guidelines for Students


  • Record directions for homework in an assignment notebook or access using Homework Portal
  • Understand assignments clearly before leaving class
  • Bring home the proper materials to complete the assignments 
  • Hand in completed assignments on time
  • Budget time properly for long-term assignments
  • Complete any work missed due to absence from class
  • Talk to your parents and teacher if you are having difficulty with homework
  • If a homework assignments takes longer than the suggested grade level guidelines students should stop and discuss the time it takes with the teacher without any grade reduction





Homework Procedure Guidelines for Parents


  • Familiarize yourself with the Homework procedure
  • Provide a time and place to do homework assignments with limited interruptions
  • Supervise homework completion, assisting, but not doing the work
  • Utilize Homework Portal and communicate with your child about long range assignments for time management purposes
  • Contact the guidance counselor  with questions or concerns especially if your child exceeds the allotted time frame



Homework Procedure Guidelines for Teachers


  • Assign homework in keeping with the homework policy
  • Assignments may be on a regular basis or of a long-term type, such as an essay
  • Utilize the Oncourse homework calendar and Homework Portal as tools for organizing HW for the week
  • Group projects should not be assigned as homework, unless students can work on their individual parts independently
  • Assignments should be discussed, checked and when appropriate, corrected and returned to students
  • Teachers should communicate with parents of students who are falling behind in completing homework assignments
  • No more than one assignment should be due on the same date
  • Discussion of Homework assignments at Team meetings



Homework Procedure Guidelines for Administrators


  • Include this homework procedure in all teacher, parent and student handbooks
  • Require teachers to communicate homework procedure to students and parents
  • Make certain that teachers are implementing the homework procedure consistently and uniformly
  • Assist teachers, when necessary, in implementing this homework procedure
  • Observe use of homework during classroom visits
  • Review homework samples and assignments periodically
  • Give suggestions to teachers, when necessary, on how assignments could be improved
  • Develop homework incentive programs/practices with teachers and parents to assist and enhance homework completion





Time Frame of Homework Assignments 

While it is understood that the time it takes to complete homework assignments may vary with each child, the times below are the general guidelines for each grade level. 


Homework Time Frame*

Grade 6

10-15 minutes of homework per course, per night, not to exceed a total of one hour and fifteen minutes

Grade 7

15-20 minutes of homework per course, per night, not to exceed a total of  one and one-half hours**

Grade 8

15-20 minutes of homework per course, per night, not to exceed a total of one and one-half hours**


*There may be additional assignments given as part of the elective cycle.

** With the exception of accelerated math programs in 7th and 8th grade.



The Bernards Township Board of Education also strongly advises parents to encourage pleasure reading at home. Pleasure reading can help establish a lifelong habit and guarantee many hours of enjoyment.


Reading is critical to a student’s success in school and the Language Arts curriculum seeks not only to develop strong reading skills, but also to foster a love of reading.


While students encounter a broad variety of reading materials in school, any additional reading that occurs at home provides an extra bonus. Parents can help by nurturing pleasure reading in a variety of ways:


Read for their own enjoyment, illustrating the value of reading.


Bring a variety of reading matter into the home: newspapers, magazines, hobby books, etc.


Make sure all family members have a Bernards Township Library card and visit the library and bookstores often, helping children with reading and book selections.


Set aside family reading time by turning off the television and computers.


Create a warm, supportive and interesting reading atmosphere.