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Practice test chapter 2 answer key study for test tomorrow!!! 

 Chapter 2 Science review Answer Key.docx 




Science Chapter 2 Test on Thursday 1/30:


   cellular respiration

   cell cycle/mitosis/cell division


Social Studies Chapter 4 Test Friday 1/31

   Essay question:  "How does geography affect our lives?"  kids should be working on this throughout the week so their prewriting is complete prior to test. 



Answer Key for cell processes worksheet (HW sheet)

 Answer Key for Cell processes.docx 



Science upcoming events: 

Chapter 1 Test on Tuesday 12/17:


   -Cell Theory 

   -Chemicals of Life (Elements and Compounds)

   -Cell Processes (Osmosis and Diffusion)

Open Notebook and all resources can be used!!


Social Studies Open Notebook test 12/18

   -Make sure you have all quizzes, worksheets and any other resources.  


Cells project due Thursday 12/19



Social Studies Guided Reading Chapter 3: Chapter 3 guided reading.docx 



Study Hall Guidelines: 

 Study Hall guide list for 6th grade.docx 




S.S. Test Monday 11/18 on Chapter 2: Cities and Civilizations: 

-online test on pearsonrealize

-Hip Hop history song should be played on repeat also on pearson. 

-Self Check test online 

-Essay question in advance to begin prewriting/brainstorming:  "What should governments do?"

----parents we are working on the essay this week as a review in addition to review games, Chapter assessment and reviewing notes.  




Answer Key for Practice Test in Class... Chapter 1 Practice Test Answer key social studies.docx if you lost the practice test check I will assign you the online test. 





Chapter 1 Early Humans (Social Studies) test on Wednesday October 16th Please make sure you are reviewing your quizzes in meantime Practice test will be posted by Friday!! 






Chapter 1 Practice Test for Science  Chapter 1 Test Science and Technology Practice Test.docx 

 Chapter 1 Test Science and Technology Practice Test Answer Key.docx  





Timeline Project due October 4th.docx  Social Studies Timeline Project due Friday October 4th









Chapter 1 Science Test Thursday October 3rd!!!!! Review to be posted next week





Welcome 2019/20 6th Graders!!!


  • Remind app instructions: 
  •    Download remind
  •    When instructed to enter class code you will have to do a school search:  Type in "Jersey City Golden Door Charter" 
  •    A list of classes should pop up
  •    Scroll down until you see "jzaki" the class code is "Zaki 2019"
  •    Click on that class and join the remind! 
  •    If you are still having difficulties please email me directly at







Chapter 2 Science test on viruses, bacteria and protist PLEASE CHECK YOUR ANSWERS FROM THE REVIEW 5/14/2019:

 Chapter 2 Science review Answer Key.docx 









Ancient China Chapter 8 Test Friday 5/3/2019-Short answer/essay questions to think about 

Why did the first settlements in China begin along the Huang River?

What is a warlord and how did the warlords contribute to the fall of the Zhou dynasty?

What are similarities between Confucianism and Daoism?

How did geography play a role in shaping the culture of China?




 Chapter 8 Assessment Answers.docx 

Chapter 8 Section 3 Assessment questions.docx  

Chapter 3 Science Test 1/17/19 Answer Key for Practice test:

 Cells and Heredity Chapter 3 Practice Test Answer Key.docx 


Chapter 3 test in social studies on 1/4/19 use the online chapter test on pearsonrealize and jeopardy game to study:

 Jeopardy chapter 3.ppt  



Ms. Zaki's 6th Grade Science and Social Studies


Debate on Friday 12/14/18 parents students can dress up like lawyers to get the full feel of debating. 


Expectations of homework for debate for my class:  here is a template of what you should do


 Expectations of Debate homework.docx 



Jeopardy Early Humans.ppt



Communication with teacher: 


Hello and welcome to 6th grade science and social studies.  My office hours are M-F from 8-7pm.  Any emails/remind app messages will be responded to during those times.  You may also contact me at 201-795-4400 ext 3314 and leave a voicemail for Ms. Zaki as the room is shared with Mrs. Mahan.  Thank you please see below for details regarding communication. 

  • Parents and students may contact me via email at 
  • Remind app is a great way to get on the spot responses regarding HW, projects, classroom announcements and updates.  Text @jzaki to 81010 to join our text alerts.
  • 201-795-4400 ext 3314



Typically Mondays and Wednesdays will be designated for Social Studies unless otherwise stated by me. 


Tuesdays and Thursdays will be designated for Science unless otherwise stated by me.


Fridays are TBD (to be determined) so I will keep you posted on a week to week basis.



Lab Safety: 


Labs are a privelage any student who violates our Student Safety contract will not participate in lab/project activities. 


Preparation and Responsibility:

Students please come prepared to class everday with your books, writing utensils, highlighter, folders, notebooks and any miscellaneous items for projects/activities I have requested for you to bring. 


Always maintain a respectful and positive attitude towards yourselves, all teachers, fellow classmates and classrooms we use.  Zero-tolerance for disrespect to any of the aforementioned. 


Parents and Students please check your grades regularly on oncourse and feel free to contact me regarding any questions/concerns about a particular grade.


Students are responsible for all assignments even when they are absent.  Students will be allowed to make up assignments and tests missed during excused absences. 




Grading Scale Science:                   

 Tests- 40%                                 

Labs/Projects- 15%                        

Quizzes- 15%                               

Homework- 10%                            

Classwork- 10%                             



Grading Scale Social Studies:

Tests- 40%

Quizzes/Projects- 20%

Homework- 15%     

Classwork- 15%  

Particiaption- 10%