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Welcome to Miss Nolan's Health & PE class! Please use the code that coresponds to your class to join me on Google Classroom...


Day 1:
Green pod/Period 1: nw7g55b
Red pod/Period 2: bg3difw
Burgundy pod/Period 3: 27m3eeo
Orange pod/Period4: x3qcuyf
Day 2:
Silver pod/Period 1: nvlsr6t​
Gold pod/Period 2: 2u4clvg
Burgundy pod/Period 3: dy5jksb
Orange pod/Period 4: rf4lwfv


Goal: The 6th-8th grade Health & Physical Education curriculum teaches the students the skills and habits they need to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. 


Grading: 70% tests/quizzes, 30% classwork/participation



Instagram: ehtnj_fernwoodfit

TikTok: jnolanpe