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  The weather is changing, leaves are falling and our Pre-K friends have adjusted very nicely to being at the "big" kid school!  We are having so much fun in our class and are learning about rules of the classroom, who works in our school and each person's role.  We have had special guest readers in our school like Nurse Nancy and Dr. Martello, our principlal!  Soon we will be touring the school and meeting other people who work here.    


 We are very busy downstairs singing, reading, dancing, painting, learning and playing.   We LOVE center time and enjoy playing outside.  



We encourage you to read with your child every night!  Children love being read to.  As you are reading encourage children to look at the pictures and ask them to tell you what they see.  That is a way of teaching children how to read.  Let them take you on a walk through the book!


Stay tuned for more updates :)


Mrs. Weiler, Mrs. Navarrete, Mrs. Mina and Mrs. Herman 


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