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My name is Steven Isaacs and I teach at William Annin Middle School and Ridge High School. In order to contact me, please email me at  Please follow the links below to my individual course websites.  Thank you!


7th grade Computer Cycle: Game Design and Digital Storytelling
The 7th grade cycle is a six week course that focuses on an Introduction to Digital Storytelling and Video Game Design and Development.

The cycle provides students with an understanding of the elements of game design and explores the potential of several tools for creating games. Students reimagine their favorite fairytale, folk tale, or fable and create it in Minecraft: Education Edition or Gamestar Mechanic. 

Video Game Design and Development

In 8th grade, students are provided with the opportunity to explore topics of interest on a much deeper level through our semester long elective program.  In Video Game Design and Development, students use a variety of tools to create video games.  The course focuses on all aspects of Game Desgin and Development including the creation of a game design document as the planning phase of the design process, creation of original graphics and sounds, and developing games using game creation software that teaches programming constructs in a user friendly environment.  Students will have an opportunity to work in development teams as this is an important aspect of game design and development.