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We are off to a great start in Third Grade!





Reading/Language Arts: 

AR: Students have begun reading their AR books (the most important component of their daily homework) and taking quizzes on them to test their comprehension. Once they take the first test, they are on their way to meeting their quarterly AR goal! You may help your child by reading with them and asking questions about what they are reading. Quizzing your child on books they are reading will let you both know if they are indeed ready to test on it, or if they need to read it a few more times. They should be reading each book 3-5 times. Some students may require reading a few more times, just to make sure they really understand what the book is about. It is important that they are able to identify key words from the story because students will need to read the questions and answers on their own.


Each student has an individualized reading level. Your child should be aware of his/her level. If you would like to look for books on their specific level, please use the AR Bookfinder tab.


Saxon Phonics:

The Saxon phonics program helps our students identify letters, their sounds, and how these come together to spell and create words. Because these lessons are presented every morning, it is EXTREMELY important that your child is present and on time for instruction.



Our daily routine begins with mathematics. We have completed units on addition and subtraction (0-1000), and multiplication and division (0-12). I encourage reinforcement of their math facts periodically throughout their day, if possible. This will help them gain fluency with their facts and help them move away from counting on fingers, which can slow them down later on in the year. I would also encourage the use of math games on the computer/tablet if you have one available.




If you would like more information regarding the current curriculum please contact me to schedule a conference.


PLEASE do not hestitate to contact me with any questions or concerns and remember that Class Dojo is the best way to communicate with me.



Thank you,



Steven Olsen