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FACS 2 2019-2020


  • $5.00  to cover the cost of the quilt batting and PJ pattern.

 Make checks payable to Timberlane Middle School or TMS.

  • Pen or pencil (to be left in the classroom storage drawer)

  • Hair tie for students with long hair (to be left in the classroom storage drawer for cooking unit)


Sewing Supplies:

  • 1 ½ yard cotton fabric #1 (Quilt front)

  • 1 yard cotton fabric #2  (Quilt front)

  • 2 yards cotton fabric #3 (Quilt back) 

(Above 3 fabrics need to coordinate together; #2 and #3 can be the same fabric)

  • 3 yards cotton or cotton flannel fabric (Pajama pants)

(It is easier if you choose a fabric that has an obvious right and wrong side.)



PLEASE NOTE: All fabric must be a minimum of 42” wide and be 100% cotton.

NO knits (aka T-shirt material), heavy denim, corduroy, fleece, flannel (ok only for the ½ yd piece and/or Pj’s), faux fur, lining, shiny or upholstery fabric/thick decorative fabric (ex. drapes), etc. (These fabrics will be marked cotton but will not work for the projects) Also, striped or large plaid fabrics are not recommended because they are too difficult for inexperienced sewers to line up. Students were shown examples in class which fabrics to buy and which ones not to buy.


Area Stores where supplies are available: 

Jo-Ann Fabrics

Pennington Quilt Works (Does not have flannel. Does have a great sales corner in the far back left corner of the store)