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College Prep IV

Course Syllabus


            Welcome to College Prep English IV.  English class is the integration of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills across the curriculum.  The year ahead will consist of the exploration of various literary pieces ranging from the past to current, contemporary works.  We will be focusing on gaining a better understanding of global issues throughout the world and we will also be connecting those issues to our own lives. We will also be creating a better and more tolerant understanding of the lives of others throughout the world, and most importantly, to our very own classmates. 

            Class activities are designed to provide you with the opportunity to improve your reading comprehension, communication skills (written and oral), as well as work to strengthen your vocabulary and test taking skills.  Lessons will encompass open-ended writings, essays, projects and longer written assignments to reinforce skills for success in college.  The goal of this class is to expand your knowledge of the written and spoken word and to strengthen the aforementioned skills to better prepare you for a successful college and life experience.


 Classroom Policies and Guidelines


Texts: Reading materials will be provided for each student.  You will be held responsible for returning them to me. If your reading material is lost or stolen, it is your responsibility to see me and have it replaced.  There will be a sign out sheet provided for any reading materials that you wish to take with you.

Supplies: Required supplies for this course includes:

•     Writing Utensil

•     Notebook for notes and journal writings

•     Folder and/or three-ring binder for handouts


Attending class unprepared is unacceptable.  You will be held accountable to bring these items, as well as your reading material, with you to class each and every day unless otherwise stated. 


Class Expectations:

§     Active participation in class discussions and activities is expected.

§     Homework is required in order to reinforce class instruction and will be given on a regular basis.

§     Expect quizzes and tests regularly.

§     Journal writings will be collected and graded occasionally.

§     Longer written assignments will be arranged.

§     Technology will be integrated into many assignments.

§     You are expected to complete all assignments on time. I will only accept late work in the event of an absence.


Class Policies:

§     Be in your seat before the bell rings.

§     Always be prepared - pen, pencil, homework, books, journal, folder and notebook.

§     Listen to instructions.

§     Do not use the computer without permission. 

§     Students will not be permitted to use the class telephone at any time.

§     No talking at inappropriate times (during class instruction, etc.)

§     Have respect for the teacher, your peers, property and yourself.

§     Please make sure to see me when you have been absent or you are going to be absent, it will be your responsibility to get the work that was missed.

§     Make-up work of daily assignments must be completed within two days of your absence.

§     Visiting your locker, using the restroom, scheduling guidance appointments, visiting the media center, and other such things should be done on your time not during class time.

§     At the end of class, please wait to be dismissed. The bell does not dismiss you. Class will not be dismissed until everyone is in their seats.

§     Obey all school policies.

§     Honor Society Tutoring and the Tutoring Center is available for all students.



ALL cell phones will be placed in the classroom cell phone pocket holder during ALL tests, quizzes, and in class essays.  There is NO exception to this rule. If I see a cell phone out during a test, quiz, or in class essay, an immediate zero will be given on the assignment, a phone call home will be made, and a referral to the vice principal will be written.


Unauthorized cell phone use will result in a PAACT grade of 50 for the week on the first occasion. Subsequent unauthorized use will result in a grade of 0 (zero) for that specific week.

**Emergencies do happen.  If for some reason you need to use your cell phone in order to make a phone call during class, please see me and talk to me about this issue.**




All other violations of school policies are subject to the consequences outlined by the student handbook or handled at the teacher’s discretion.



Assessments (Tests, Quizzes,, Projects, Essays, etc.):  70%

Assignments (Homework, Classwork, Class Participation, etc.): 30%


PAACT (Participation, Application, Attitude, Cooperation, Teamwork)

Students will be given a weekly grade based on their performance in the above listed areas.


Anything you do not complete by the due date, you will not receive credit for.  It is important that you are organized and complete all assignments in a timely manner.  If you can do this and enjoy class, you will have a wonderful and successful school year!


Thank you,    

Mrs. Masino