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 Supplemental Resources


Mr. Peterson's Website (CP English 2/Section 2)


Annotation and Active Reading Videos

This year will involve A LOT of reading and writing. Learning how to actively read and annotate will help you retain more information and better understand texts! Check out these to videos below:

How To Annotate

How To Annotate 2



SOAPSTONE is an acronym for Speaker, Occasion, Audience, Purpose, Subject, and Tone. SOAPSTone helps us to analyze literature and speaches. Click the link in the headline for a short video on how to use it, then check these out for further clarification:

SOAPStone Video 2

SOAPStone Video 3


MLA Format Help - See below!

Purdue's Online Writing Lab


Book Trailer Apps and Resources

Do not feel limited to the list of options below. If you have something else you'd like to use (youtube, gopro, etc.), feel free!



Chatterpix Kids





Listly - A list of webtools for digital storytelling and reviews of each! (Seriously, take a look at this link.)

YouTube Video Editor


Search for stock images

(double check that the images that you are using are not copyrighted!)


Examples of Good Book Trailers - Use these as examples, DO NOT copy them and use as your own presentation.


Shortening the Link to your Credits