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Swift Elementary


Mr. Hrubos


 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade


      Each class meets for 40 minutes each week.  Our students are involved in a variety of activities designed to develop music skills and music appreciation. 


      A major focus of the music program is vocal development, and students spend much class time singing.  This helps us to experience tone matching, placement, posture and breathing skills, and singing just for the joy of it!  Our vocal experiences relate with changing of seasons, holidays and the world around us, as well as music of America and other cultures. 


      Movement activities and dances are included in the music curriculum.  This is to reinforce the feeling of steady beat, rhythm, body placement, spatial awareness, and creative expression. 


      Music theory in a rudimentary sense is also initiated.  We focus on steady beat, rhythm, dynamics and tempo.  Students will be able to recognize written symbols of notes and rests and how they’re placed on the staff.   


      Playing instruments is also included in music classes.  We use a variety of rhythm instruments to play rhythms and steady beat.  Orff instruments (bells & xylophones) and boomwhackers add accompaniment, melody and ostinato patterns to some of our songs.  We also learn to identify the instruments of the orchestra by sight and sound using a variety of stories, videos, live examples, listening activities and games. 


      To summarize, the music program at Swift Elementary includes: singing, playing instruments, movement & dancing, listening, theory, appreciation and fun!