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Mr. Hrubos - Guitar Lab B-195

Class Syllabus


Purpose and Objectives: This course is designed to…

  • Develop the student’s skill on the guitar, no matter the level
  • Achieve musical literacy from the very onset of instruction
  • Focus on the many elements and principles of music theory
  • Encourage individual and group critique
  • Expand upon student’s knowledge of guitar repertoire, genres, and music history
  • Provide students with a venue for performance
  • Cultivate artistic expression


Classroom and Behavioral Expectations

  1. Be respectful of both the instructor and each other.
  2. Arrive to class on time and prepared, as this is a big part of your overall class participation grade.
  3. Immediately upon entering the classroom, retrieve guitar and music stand as well as classroom materials.
  4. Passes will NOT be given the first or last five minutes of class. Passes to guidance will also not be issued without a prior appointment (unless an emergency).
  5. Unless given permission by the instructor, students should not be sharing guitars, wandering around, or otherwise being disruptive.
  6. Food and gum are strictly prohibited in the classroom (unless otherwise specified by guidance counselor or nurse). Water and other clear beverages are allowed with the teacher’s consent.


Disciplinary actions for failure to meet these expectations can be found in the student handbook, pages 13-27, and can result in, yet are not limited to, the following:

  • A verbal warning
  • Class participation grade reduction
  • Behavior referral


Student Performances and Performance Etiquette: Students will have many opportunities to play for the instructor, as well as each other. Any student participation in special school or after-school performances will be decided upon by the instructor and/or by request.


Performance Etiquette includes the following:

  • Applauding before and after the performance. No inappropriate shouting or language.
  • Remaining absolutely silent during the performance. Whispering, fidgeting, talking, and other disruptions are very distracting for the performer.
  • Remember it takes a lot of courage to perform in front of your peers. Be encouraging of each other!!



Students will be formally graded by quarterly assessments, quiz grades, performance evaluations, and class participation.

  1. Assignments: written/performance/participation, 30% of marking period grade
  2. Assessments: written/performance. Students will be required to prepare pieces to be played for the instructor, as well as an audience. Pieces may or may not be played from memory. 70% of marking period grade


Teacher Contact Info

Office: B193


Work Phone: (609) 653-0100 ext. 5308