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beeWelcome To Mrs. Lockyer's Class!




Here is what we are up to this week!

  • The students are learning the ending -nk blends this week in Project Read.  We are of course reviewing all of the letters and words that we have learned thus far also.  Ask your little one to tell you how we practice with our finger flashlights!
  • We are loving center time.  Each child is able to work on a differentiated activity that is perfect for their skill set.  They are so much fun!  Ask your little one to tell you all about it.
  • The sight words this week are with, him, her.  The words taught thus far are a, an, and, are, as, at, be, big, can, come, do, go, had, has, have ,he,  here, his, how, I, in, is, it, like, look, me, my, on, run, said, see, she the, this, to, up we, will, would, you.  Please make sure to review them DAILY!
  • The students are working hard learning about addition and subtraction in Math.  We are also continuing to practice counting by 10's and 5's and are introducing estimation. It's a very exciting time!
  • We are loving learning about paper in Science.
  • Our character trait of the month is Responsibility.  see how many we have for a prize.  





Library books are due back every Friday.






Here are a few general reminders.


  • Please pack a snack each day.  
  • Make sure to be on time for school.  The children should be in no later than 9:00.
  • Check your child's blue folder every day for notices and reminders.  Please send it back to school daily.
  • There will be homework each day except for Friday.  Please make sure it is completed and returned daily.


Things to work on at home:

  • Practice the sight words learned each day.  If you need flash cards I will be happy to provide them.
  • Read a book each night.


Our Schedule


Monday - Music

Tuesday - Art

Wednesday - PE (sneakers required)

Thursday - Spanish and PE (sneakers required)

Friday - Library


If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me at .