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Welcome to Kindergarten!


Room: 202  Ext: 226 



Check out what we are learning in June!

Under the Sea

Father's Day



Word Families (an, ag, am, at, op, ot, it, in, ig, ip, ug, ub, et, en)  


Sight Words: the, a, I, and, name, is, to, has, are, was, his, we, he, she, be, you, me, they, have, of, by, my, or, for, said, from, one, all, as, into, your, do, does, were, who, what, when, where, there, too, two, put, very, also, some, come, would, could, should, over, her, see, between, each, number, say, says, any, many, how, down, out, now, about, our, friend, other, another, none, month, nothing, people, little, been, want, Mr., Mrs., work, word, write, being, their, first, look, good, new, own


Important Dates:

*June 7th - Spirit Day

*June 8th - K-6 Olympics

*June 14th - Move Up Day

*June 15th - Paws on Parade

*June 20th - Graduation @ 9am