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Welcome to Kindergarten!





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Check out what we are learning about in June!

Sea Life



Alphabetical Order


Story Elements



Traditions and Cultures



Author of the Month: Laura Numeroff


Sight Words: the, a, I, and, name, is, to, has, are, was, his, we, he, she, be, you, me, they, have, of, or, for, said, from, one, all, here, why, am, as, your, do, put, too, can, get, see, look, come, would, very, also, her, over, little, say, like, day, love, how, down, now, out, that, about, our, them, when, into, this, some, friend, need, who, says, people


Word Families: -an, -ag, -am, -at, -op, -ot, -it, -ip, -in, -ig, -ug, -ub, -et, -en



Important Dates:

*June 7th - Kindergarten Field Day 


*June 10th - All School Move Up Day


*June 11th - K-6 Field Day Whittle Finale


  *June 17th -Kindergarten Moving Up Celebration


*June 18th - Last Day of School! Early Dismissal