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Our behavior chart!



Students who reach the Outstanding level will be rewarded for their positive choices and will receive a special certificate of recognition.

Great Job!

Students who continue to make positive choices will move up to purple.

Good day

Students who make positive choices will move up to blue!

Ready to learn!

Every student starts the day on Ready to learn! Students may clip up or down on the chart depending on their choices.

Stop and think

Students who receive a warning will move to yellow. This is a reminder that tells them they need to make better choices.

Teacher’s choice

Students who continue to make poor choices will move to orange. This will result in a consequence that is appropriate for the choice that was made. Different choices require different consequences. (Ex. Time out, loss of privilege, loss of playtime, etc.)

Parent Contact

Students who move to red will require parental contact by me. Parents will be contacted via telephone, email or note depending on the severity of the behavioral choice.



Each day your child’s conduct will be marked on his or her behavior calendar that is found inside the BEE binder. Your child will simply mark the color that he/she has ended the day on in the correct box on the calendar. I will put a behavior code (1, 2, 3, etc..) in the box if needed. This is so you will know what exactly happened that day and you will be able to have some dialogue with your child about their day. Using the codes is a quick and efficient way to record daily behavior and keep you as informed as possible!


I clipped down because…

1-I hurt a friend on the inside

2-I hurt a friend on the outside

3-I was not following directions

4- I did not follow directions at a special

5- I was disrupting the class

6- I did not take care of the resources in class (books, pencils, tables, etc.)

7- I was not being respectful to a teacher