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Hello parents, 

Testing can be stressful for your children.   Here are some helpful tips that we as teachers incorporate but you as parents can also encourage: two acronyms ESL students need to keep in mind before a test: relax and learn.


R – Read the question carefully, then re-read the passage or problem to find the right answer. It’s important students take their time on both the questions and the passage in front of them. It’s always a good idea to return to the passage after reading a question.

E – Examine every answer choice before choosing an answer. Advise students not to fall for trick answers! Reading all of the answers gives a better chance they aren’t fooled by one that might be similar to the correct one.

L – Look for clue words and underline important words in the text you read. This will make it easier when re-reading the passage for answers.

A – Always get plenty of sleep and eat a good breakfast before a test. Tired or hungry students will have a hard time concentrating. They need all the energy they can get!

X – “X”- out answers that cannot possibly be correct. Process of elimination: for every answer your student knows is incorrect they have a higher chance of choosing the correct one.


L – Leave the hard questions for last. It’s better for students to answer the questions he or she can, rather than waste test time on a question they may not be able to find an answer for.

E – Erase and fix your answers when checking your work. Students will be encouraged to always go over their answers if they have time before the testing period ends.

A – Add details to your paragraphs to make them more interesting. What better way to build and practice vocabulary!

R – Read through your answers before you turn your test in. Similar to E, if time permits students may catch tiny mistakes that could have cost them a point.

N – Never give up and do your best! It’s easy to get bogged down by a hard question and have trouble moving forward, but if your students persevere through and try their best it will at least push them in the right direction for future tests.



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