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Happy November Update!!


As October comes to a close a couple things to finish up the marking period!

In our 8th grade classes we have just concluded our chapter in Geometric Transformations, having recently taken a test.  We will be entering chapter 3 - Angles and Triangles, and will be discussing how to assess for congruence and similarity, and how to solve using indirect measurement and proportions.   Some fun we're having in class includes; using Legos and scale models to assess whether Lego is using the ideal scale factor or not, making 2-D art using rotational symmetry, working through the Oregon Trail, and watching some of Cooper's Treasure and using maps to measure distances.


In our 7th grade we just finished rational numbers and are turning our sights on expressions and equations.  We'll be combining like terms, buying groceries at ShopRite and on Amazon, comparing prices, watching some Math Antics, and determining equality.  


As always, homework is posted on Oncourse, and announcements, homework, and groups are posted on our Google Classroom!