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Google Classroom:


We will be utilizing a powerful tool, Google Classroom, this year. Put simply, it allows for digital distribution, sharing, and grading. The directions for accessing your particular class are listed below. We will be using Google Classroom together for the first time in class. After that time, when you need to access it, use these directions.


Directions for Accessing Google Classroom:


1. Open an Internet browser.


2. In search bar type “Google Classroom.”


3. Click on the first link that appears.


4. Click “Go To Classroom.”


5. On the page that opens, scroll down and click the blue “Student” button.


6. Log in with: password: your student ID #


7. Click on your period’s English folder.


8. Open the assignment you’re looking for and click on the Google Doc to open it.


* Be sure to read any comments or directions from me! *