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Middle School Resources


I.C.E. Including Quotes: ICE Paragraph Resource.pdf 


How to Write an Intro and Body Paragraph: Intro and Body Paragraph Resources.pdf 


Notice and Note: Signposts.pdf 


Character Types: Character Types.pdf 


Plot Elements: Plot Elements.pdf 

Online Dictionaries:

Looking for something to read on your own?

Take a look at the links below:
Best Sellers: This site offers the New York Times Best Sellers list for young adults
Goodreads: This site offers endless lists of books organized by subject matter :)
Goodreads: If you're looking for dystopian novels, click here!
Goodreads: If you're looking for fiction novels, click here!
Goodreads: If you're looking for science fiction novels, click here!



High School Resources


College Essays That Worked


Academic Integrity Guidelines: Click here!


MLA Formatting and Style Guide: Purdue Online Writing Lab


Stylistic Elements Resource Page: Stylistic Elements Resource Page.pdf 


For Grammar Help Visit: Purdue OWL Grammar