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Science Classroom Policies and Procedures



Classroom Rules

  1. Follow directions the first time they are given

  2. Stay in your seat unless you have permission

  3. Keep your eyes on the speaker

  4. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself (this includes throwing)

  5. No cursing, teasing, inappropriate, or disrespectful comments

Classroom Supplies

1.   Science Interactive Notebook (composition notebook)

2.   AGENDA- supplied by school

4.   Pencils or pens

5.   Optional: HW folder or 8-pocket folder, if you prefer not to carry your notebook home each night




  • You are expected to behave properly in a way that shows respect for yourself, your classmates, and your teachers. In addition, you are to behave in a way that results in a safe lab environment at all times.

  • You are always expected to be fully engaged with the class, whether taking notes, doing group work, independent work, working on an assessment, working on a lab, or participating in a whole class discussion.

  • If there is an issue with your behavior, check yourself and correct it immediately.

  • If needed, the teacher will give you a verbal warning or reminder.

  • If you do not correct your behavior after a warning, you should expect a consequence.


Grading System


Grade Category


Labs/Hands-on Assessments

The labs and hands-on activities can be group work or independent. This can include their notebook entries during labs, data charts, and written conclusions amongst other things. 


This includes classwork assignments such as notebook checks, do nows, and exit tickets, amongst other things.

Quizzes/Formative Assessments

Announced and unannounced formal and informal assessments of learning and understanding. Brief five question weekly check-ins can be expected each Friday and will be counted in the grade book.


Formal announced assessments that may be a standard test or long term project.

Assessment Policy

    • You are expected to be ready to show your knowledge of class material once it has been presented.

    • If you like a lot of time to review, we suggest that you review at home every night. Not all quizzes will be announced.  We do give pop quizzes to check your understanding of the concepts that have been presented. 

    • You will always have a week’s notice before a larger assessment, but as you should always be on top of our class material, you will always be ready.

    • In class there are also a lot of hands on assessments and projects for which we expect you to apply what you have been learning to the situation. 

    • It can be expected that every Friday, or the last day of the week, that the students will have a brief five question weekly check in. While this will be counted in the grade book, the students will have an opportunity to go back and make corrections to any questions they may have gotten incorrect. 

    • Group work and collaboration are a key part of science and are frequently used within the classroom. When there is a graded group assignment there is typically an assessment category based on each student’s contribution to the project along with their collaboration with their peers.


Homework Policy

  • Homework is not often given in science. More often than not the only homework that a student will have is if they have not completed a classwork assignment and need to finish it for homework to hand it in the next day.

  • If you have trouble understanding your homework or completing your homework check your notebook, call a friend, or come in to see Mrs. Mitariten right after you unpack if you still do not understand. “I didn’t understand the homework” will not be accepted as an excuse for the homework unless you saw Mrs. Mitariten first thing in the morning.


What to Do if You Are Absent

1. Ask a friend, a homework buddy, or someone at your lab table WHAT you missed.

2. See the teacher, during Hawk time, and ask WHAT you need to make up from the things your friend told you about. Make sure you get a copy of any worksheets or directions that were handed out.

3. If you know that you are going to be absent please reach out to the teacher to let them know. If possible, or applicable, Mrs. Mitariten, will provide you with work to help you stay caught up in class.

***Being in a science classroom sometimes labs and hands-on activities missed on days when absent cannot be made up. Please note that this will never affect a student’s grade as long as they see Mrs. Mitariten during Hawk time to catch up on what they missed.***



Bathroom Procedure

1. Use the hand signal to get permission from the teacher that it is an appropriate time.

2. Write in the sign-out book the time you are leaving.

3. When you return, sign back in quietly and get right back to work. Do not disrupt anyone on your way.