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Welcome to Mrs. Mitariten's Science Class


Hello and welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! My name is Mrs. Joy Mitariten and I am looking forward to being your child’s science teacher.  This is my fourth year teaching in Clinton Township,  with three years of experience teaching sixth grade science in Orange, New Jersey.


Science has always been my favorite subject and I am extremely passionate about it. As we embark this year under the new Next Generation Science Standards, your child will be challenged to think critically about core science concepts, science and engineering practices and also general cross-cutting concepts. Through hands-on activities and the use of technology, the students will delve deep into their science education.


Edison QuoteClassroom Vision 


The guiding vision for this classroom is to establish a community where every member shares the joy, excitement, and passion for learning. Stemming from this, the hope is for each student to personalize this passion and take control of their education by recognizing their own educational goals and taking responsibility on how to meet them.