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Information on 7th grade class field trip 7/20/18  is here -->  7th Grade Field Trip.pdf



Welcome to Mrs. Meador's 7th grade class

You can reach me through email at


   Every math class builds on the skills taught in previous years and, of course, adds a new level of depth that needs to be mastered along with some new concepts. It is important to not fall behind as we need to continue to climb that mountain of knowledge.  If you start to slip, ask for help from me, review your notes, come to after school tutoring, email me, watch tutorials online but DO NOT GIVE UP and never stop doing math--practice, practice, practice.


   I am here for each and every one of my students. I want to see you grow and develop an appreciation and love for problem solving.  Yes, you will make mistakes, heck I make mistakes all the time, but that is how we learn.  Don't get upset, don't give up, just say, 'hey, I messed that one up', and try again.  Also, don't let your friends give you the answers, rather ask them to show you the way to get to the answer. You cheat/hurt yourself when you do this.




 Supplies required: Lots of pencils and lined paper (college lined). school provided planner/binder everyday, a positive "I can do this" attitude


Wish list: if you want to purchase for the classroom things we will always need are: facial tissue, and the skinny dry erase markers

ALSO: individually wrapped treats (candies, chips, cookies, pretzels) and rewards like colorful pens, pencils, stickers, etc  Why?-we will be running a Classroom Economy this year and students will have the chance to purchase these "treats" as a way to entice them to impulse shop and not save--to experience the reality of trying to save in the real world.


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