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So far this year, I've heard a lot of parents and students say that they hope they get “a scholarship” for college. I’d suggest thinking about it as “I hope I get a bunch of scholarships” because $500 here and $1,000 there can really add up. Applying to lots and lots of relevant scholarships is the best course of action.

Here’s what I’d recommend. Mrs. Novosad and I created a list of scholarships that UAC students have applied for and that are continuing to be offered this year. I have a copy of those in my office and there are also a few copies in the front office. You may also find a copy of that booklet on the Unviersity Academy website under STUDENTS --> COUNSELOR'S OFFICE INFORMATION.  If you don’t have one, come get one or download it. I have also shared a list of my favorite scholarship search sites under SCHOLARSHIP INFORMATION on this website. 

Also, go to a bookstore or library and pick up their annual scholarship book. Kaplan has a good one that’s updated every year. 

Finally, talk to your friends and parents and parents’ friends. Lots of them have college scholarships at their companies. For example, your dad may work at P&G, which offers a college scholarship to relatives of P&G employees. 

I’d like to remind you all, don’t ever pay to enter a scholarship. It is likely a scam!

Finally, here are a few keys to getting scholarships: Nobody applies, so you have a good chance if you just apply; write a really good essay and have lots of people proofread it (I’m happy to help if you want); know that you can control how good your recommendations are by giving them material and making it easier for them; and interviewing well (more on that once you get the interviews, which I’m sure you will).

Let me know if you have questions or need help. 

Good luck!