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ELA Assignments & Homework Policy:

  • Homework in ELA will be given weekly.  A text of the week will be assigned along with various tasks that go along with that text. Some of those tasks include fluency, annotations (marking up the text), and a text dependent question.   I will give out the homework at the beginning of each week and it can be turned in ANY day that week.   

  • Starting in October, word work (Words Their Way) and/or language homework will also be assigned throughout the year.  

  • If you are struggling with your ELA homework after 20 minutes of using all of your strategies, stop and have your parents write a note at the top of the homework along with their signature. 

  • Parents will be contacted after each missing homework via email.  After 3 missing homework assignments, the student will receive a lunch detention.  After 6 missing homework assignments, students will receive an after school detention.  

  • If homework is not turned in, a zero will be given as the homework grade. Late homework will be accepted until the end of the trimester.   

  • Extension passes (given as prizes throughout the year) may be used to extend the due date one school day. 

  •  All homework will written in the planner and posted below:

  • End of Trimester 2 Reflection Letter
  • Words Their Way Menu 2019-2020