Welcome to OUR English class!


I am ecstatic to begin this journey with you. The word journey encompasses so much. Journeys can be fun, long, hard, life-altering, didactic, and extremely rewarding. This year, our 6th grade English journey will be all of those things. In this class, you will not only become a better reader and writer, but, you will also grow as a person. You will become more empathetic, compassionate, understanding, and intelligent. Reading can make your heart and brain soar -- and I am excited to watch that happen! Together we will build a community in our classroom, and one that I hope you grow to love and be a part of every day!






Please note: You will be using this website to access my rules, guidelines, policies, and resources; however, you will be using my Google Classroom to hand in assignments, check announcements, and for other reasons I will inform you about as the year goes on. PLEASE CHECK MY GOOGLE CLASSROOM EVERY NIGHT! I will post announcements and/or changes if need be.

Here is a link to Google Classroom. You cannot enter my Google class without the access code, which I will give you the first week of school. https://classroom.google.com/