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Course Syllabus and Classroom Procedures  
7th Grade Social Studies 

Mrs. Lorrie Iszkula 

Awtrey Middle School  

3601 Nowlin Road 

Kennesaw, GA  30144   

(770) 975-6615                                          




Course Outline 


 1st & 2nd Quarter 


Unit I: Introduction to Our World 

  • Social Sciences and Decision Making 

  • Government and Civics 

  • Economic Understandings 


Unit II: Southwest Asia 

  • Geography and History 

  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

  • State of Israel 

  • Republic of Turkey 

  • Comparisons of Countries 

                  3rd & 4th Quarter 
Unit III: Africa 

  • Geography and History 

  • Republic of South Africa 

  • Republic of Kenya 

  • Federal Republic of Nigeria 

  • Comparisons of Countries 

Unit IV: Southern and Eastern Asia 

  • Geography and History 

  • People’s Republic of China 

  • Republic of India 

  • Japan 

  • Democratic People’s Republic of Korea/Republic of Korea 

  • Comparisons of Countries 

Unit V:   Personal Finance 

  • Spending/Savings 

  • Investment 

  • Credit 

Class Info 

 Welcome to 7th grade Social Studies!  I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you this year!   


Course Text:   World Studies for Georgia Students, Clairmont Press, Atlanta, Georgia. 2017.  




We will use a class set of this textbook - World Studies for Georgia Students, Clairmont Press, Atlanta, Georgia. 2017, however students who require a textbook for home use should have a parent request one in writing. In addition we also have access to the online textbook:   The link, User Name and Password has been provided to all students and should be written in their agenda.  Access to the online textbook is on my website. 
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD):  Students and parents/guardians participating in BYOD must adhere to the Student Code of Conduct within the Board policies, particularly Internet Acceptable Use policy. Approval forms must be completed and submitted before personal devices are used in school. Please refer to the school web site for updated requirements and plans for this technology initiative. An expectation includes all devices being secured in assigned lockers until staff permission is received to bring devices to class.   

Classroom Expectations 

Classroom Expectations: Students are expected to follow the school-wide behavior plan and classroom expectations.  Students are expected to be punctual, prepared, cooperative, and respectful. 
Hall Passes:  Students must have a hall pass issued by a teacher any time they are out of class. The student agendas will be used as a hall pass. No students are allowed out of class without a signed student agenda. A signed pass from a staff member must be used for a class tardy to be excused. A pattern of unexcused tardy offenses will earn administrative consequences. 

Conduct Grades: A student’s conduct grade is determined by his/her behavior. The student’s behavior should have no direct bearing on his/her academic grade. These standards for determining conduct grades are used school wide. Teacher teams incorporate these standards into their behavior management plans, including utilizing our minor infractions tracking plan. Students must earn satisfactory conduct grades to earn honor roll status. All students are informed of this information at the beginning of the year. The following codes are the conduct grades given on progress reports and report cards: 

S = Satisfactory                     N = Needs Improvement                  U = Unsatisfactory 


Academic Dishonesty:  Students who cheat on a graded assignment/assessment, including providing work to others, or plagiarize, using a writer’s ideas without giving due credit, will earn a major infraction and a lower class conduct grade will be earned. The student will be assigned a replacement assignment to be completed during the assigned in-school suspension (ISS). This violation will earn at best a “Needs Improvement” conduct grade for the respective class, and ineligibility for the current quarter’s honor roll status. The exception will be homework assignments which will earn a minor infraction and receive no credit. 

Absences/Make-up Work: If a student is absent, they are required to make up all work missed. The student is responsible for checking the blog and checking in with the teacher after they return from their absence. Students will have the number of days equal to the number of days missed to make up the assignments per Cobb County policy.  Any test scheduled prior to the absence should be made up the day the student returns. If more than one test has been missed, see each teacher to schedule a time to make up the tests.  


Late Work: 

Students who don’t submit required graded work by the deadline will follow our adopted late work plan. Late homework can receive feedback but not credit. Late work other than homework will follow our minor infractions plan. Late work other than homework will be completed during a teacher assigned time, including Viking Time and after school detention. The student’s conduct grade may be impacted by late work that earns minor infractions. Late work that earns minor infractions may require alternative/modified assignments. 


Grading Procedures: All grades are based on a 100% 

Categories                                                                     Weight                                            Grading Scale 


Summative Assessments (Tests/Projects)                 55%                                                 A    90-100    

Formative Assessments (Class work)                         25%                                                 B    80-89 

Quizzes                                                                         20%                                                 C    74-79 

                                                                                                                                               D    70-73 

                                                                                                                                                   Below 70 

EXTRA HELP-I am happy to provide assistance to my students.   I will be available as needed. Simply let me know and I will make an appointment for us to meet. You may email me or send a note through your student’s agenda.