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7th Grade Social Studies:


 Your student may access the online version of our Social Studies textbook -


Course Text:   World Studies for Georgia Students, Clairmont Press, Atlanta, Georgia. 2017.  





We will use a class set of this textbook - World Studies for Georgia Students, Clairmont Press, Atlanta, Georgia, 2017, however students who require a textbook for home use should have a parent request one in writing. In addition we also have access to the online textbook:  



Temporary Work Around for Clairmont Press State History Student Websites


  •  Open Internet Explorer
  • Enter your state’s website in the URL bar (see below for websites)
  • Login with your school’s login/password
  • You will get a screen that reads “This content cannot be displayed in a frame”
  • Below that in blue text you will see “Open this content in a new window” – CLICK THIS TEXT
  • Your state’s site will open in a new window and all the resources will open
  • We suggest after opening a resource that you save it to your computer in case there are internet issues later.


 We apologize for this inconvenience and are working to get the websites working on the other internet browsers as quickly as possible.




 Georgia (2017) –


 GA – World Studies 6 –


 GA – World Studies 7 –


Students will be documenting the log in information in agenda soon......and should be written in their agenda.  Access to the online textbook will be on my website.