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Meet Miss Connolly


 Hello Parents!
My name is Jen Connolly and this is my fourth year here at Tabernable Elementary school. The last three years I have been teaching the Kindergarten Inclusion Classroom. I am so excited to make the move to Pre-K!  I have had the privleage to work in this family-oriented town and feel so blessed to be your children's teacher.
My bachelor’s degree is from West Chester University where I majored in General Education and Special Education.  I am so happy to be teaching and  to have found a home here at Tabernacle Elementary School.
One of my favorite parts about working with young learners is seeing their growth.  It is truly remarkable to see what skills they come in with at the beginnging of the year and how much progress they make at the end.  I believe in having the students make and create what they want their learning environment to be.  Students should be active partipants in their learning and should feel like they made their learning environment their own.  I want students to explore their creativity by being hands on learners.  
I cannot express how honored I feel to be your children's teacher and to learn along side them this year!
Place: Lake Placid NY
Hobbies:  Working out & crafting
Seasons: Fall
Sport team: NY Giants
Color: Blue
Holiday: Christmas
Ice Cream Flavor: Cookie Dough
Food: Pizza
Candy: Kit Kats
Animal: Cats