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During our school day there is so much instructional time that it can be a long day for the little ones.  So for homework we want to make it light and let the children be children.  We ask that you set a side some time and read with your kids every night.




  • We will be giving your child a notebook with different writing prompts inside.


  • Inside the cover of the reader’s response notebook there are different writing prompts to choose from.  Each week we ask that together with your children you pick one of the prompts to answer about one of the books you read this week.  


  • Cut one prompt and paste it on the next blank page, write the title of the book, and have your child draw a picture in response to the prompt.


  • As the year goes on your child should challenge themselves to label, write words, and write sentences to match the picture they have drawn.


  • There are ten prompts, please choose a new one each week.  Once ten weeks are finished we will put ten new prompts in the readers response notebook.


  • Every Monday please send the reader’s response notebook back to us so we can see and read all about it.