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  Welcome to Intro To Engineering & Algebra 1! 


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Semester Schedule

1st Block- Intro to Engineering

2nd Block- Planning Period

3rd Block- Virtual 

4th Block- Algebra 1


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Mr. Dupuis’s Classroom Procedures and Expectations

I would like to make this semester run as efficiently and effectively as possible. By following these classroom rules and procedures, we will ensure that all students will learn.


Materials (needed daily - keep them with you at all times!)

  • Binder or notebook (folder if you use a notebook)
  • Writing instrument (pen or pencil)
  • Different colors of highlighters
  • Composition Book




1. Follow directions

2. Respect your classmates, classroom and your teacher

3. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself





Positive - ROAR points issued regularly


            - Listening to YOUR choice of music


            - Snacks in class


            - Other rewards as chosen by the class


Negative - 1st offense =minor infraction and verbal warning


            - 2nd offense = minor infraction and parent contact


            - 3rd offense = minor infraction and conference with Mr. Matthews


            - 4th offense = major offense/ write up


            *Consequences are subject to alteration based upon infraction


Note: Major offenses will bypass all minor infractions and will result in student being removed from the classroom!






  1. Entering the classroom -  You should enter the classroom from the hallway quickly, quietly and ON TIME. You are expected to begin your bell ringer assignment and coping down daily tasks as soon as you are seated. Please do NOT approach me with any with any concerns or comments OR use this time to visit with friends. Bell ringers will be graded on a daily basis.
  2. Materials —You must have your binder, loose leaf paper and a writing instrument daily. Failure to have materials WILL result in a minor infraction.
  3. Leaving/Returning to the classroom — If you need to leave the room, please ask quietly and politely. Please note that you are allowed four restroom passes per semester. If you use all of your restroom passes, you will not be allowed to leave the room.
  4. Indicating whether you understand — If you are having trouble with something, please ask. The only way I can help you is if I know you are unclear about something. You can talk to me during class or privately after class.
  5. Technology — Please do not touch any computers . This equipment is very expensive and will not be replaced if it is broken.
  6. Chapter tests - Tests will be given at the end of every chapter. If you are dissatisfied with your test grade, you are encouraged to retake your test. When you do retake a test, you will have ONE SCHOOL WEEK from the date your progress report is given to you. The retake grade will replace your grade unless the retake score is lower. If you miss a test, it is YOUR responsibility to make it up. When a test is missed, a grade of 0 will be put in the computer until you complete the test. If you chose not to complete the test, the 0 will remain. See me for your make up tests. Because the tests are open book, you are allowed to take the test home to complete it.
  7. Weekly quizzes:  You will be given a quiz after every vocabulary and grammar section. The vocabulary quizzes are usually matching quizzes. You will match the English word to the French word. Grammar quizzes will cover any grammar we covered in a given week. Please be prepared to study for these quizzes, they wil have an huge impact on your class grade.
  8. Daily Assignments - ALL work done in this class is graded. You will be issued a daily task sheet on which you will list the daily assignments as indicated on the board. As you complete your class work, you will be given a stamp BY ME indicating that the work is completed and that credit has been given for the assignment. If you lose your task sheet, you will receive a 0 for that week's assignments. Task sheets can NOT be made up.
  9. Coming to Attention - When I ask for your attention, please stop talking immediately and turn your attention toward me. There is a reason I am asking for your attention, and I expect to get it from you.
  10. Keeping Your Binder - You are in charge of your class materials. Many items must be kept for the week and handed in for a grade. You need to be able to find your items in order to turn them in.
  11. Handing in Papers - Anything to be turned in should be handed to me. Do not place any papers on my desk unless I ask you to do so.
  12. Moving About the Room - If you need to throw away trash or sharpen pencils, get up and do so quietly. Return to your seat promptly. Please do not get up during instruction.
  13. Restroom Passes - You will be issued 4 restroom passes to be used during this 9 weeks.  You may purchase additional passes with ROAR points. If you still have passes left over at the end of the 9 weeks, they may be redeemed for 5 bonus points. If you lose your passes, you will NOT be allowed to leave the room. No exceptions!
  14. Respect for classmates and classroom -No eating or drinking is allowed in the classroom unless the class has earned the privilege. Be sure to keep voices low so as not to distract other students.
  15. End of the class period/class dismissal - You are expected to clean up your area upon dismissal. Be sure your textbook is placed in the basket under your desk, and that you have taken all of your items with you. If items are left in the desk, they will be thrown away.
  16. If there are any other situations that arise, they will be handled accordingly on a case by case basis.