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Tesa R. Pace (To submit Google Docs)


I teach the Writing Enrichment as a 9-week course. The goal of the class is to 

       get students comfortable with writing a variety of assignments: narrative,

       descriptive, expository, persuasive, and research-based.  The ultimate outcome

       is that when they're asked to write for any teacher, they will be successful,

       especially with the standard 5-paragraph essay.


       Additionally, when they are required to write with a time limit, they will be able

       to understand the prompt and answer it effectively, within the time limit.


       The Writing Assessment each student takes is a 30-minute limit, which includes

       understanding the prompt, completing the prewriting, and writing a well-organized

       essay with a definite introduction, full body paragraphs, and a conclusion.



  I also teach a section of 6th grade Reading. We use the Holt Elements of Literature

  text and workbook. Each student is issued a workbook, and should have it available for each class period.


  We read 4 novels during the year: The Reluctant Dragon (Grahame), The Pushcart War (Merrill),

  Mr. Tucket (Paulsen), and The Magician's Nephew (Lewis).


  The underlying goal of this class is that the student learns to think critically about 

   what he/she reads, and that the student becomes adept at discussing literature, 

   while acquiring and using a broader, deeper choice of words.


   Each student is required to read and earn AR points, which is a grade for each nine weeks.


My overall philosophy in teaching is:


                    "Speak to the prince, and the prince will come forward." 


My #1 rule is the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."