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Welcome to the Math Connection's blog!  


Tutoring every Tuesday & Wednesday at 8:15am

All I ask is that students come in with questions.


This blog houses information for all three grade levels, 6th, 7th and 8th grade.  Currently all of my students have received their user-name and password to an on-line program call Sumdog and DreamBox which can be accessed at home!  I highly suggest that you ask your student to show you these programs to see how it can help them practice their math skills. Both programs can be used at home, I highly suggest that students go on one or both programs at least 60 minutes a week if not more. 


This class does not give homework!  If a student does take work home it is their choice and their responsibility to make sure it is turned in the next day.


If you need help on a certain concept please let me know so that I can look for resources that can assist you in your understanding.


Each grade has their own link on the left side of this page which has resources the students may use to help them.  These resources could be a website or PDF that students can print out to work on at home.  All practice work posted to my blog will include answer keys so they can check their own work.  This practice is never for extra credit, it is for extra practice.


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Agendas for Jan. 21-30th

7th Grade

Tuesday-Friday - Review of Slices & Cross Sections then Quiz on Tuesday

                    Wed-Thurs work on angle relationships


6th Grade

Tuesday-Friday - Working on Composite Figures Quiz on Thursday


8th Grade

Tuesday-Friday - Working on Converting equations standard & slope form as well as graphing equations Quiz on Thursday