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Dear Parents,

I cannot believe we are already in 3rd quarter!! As they say, time flies when you are having fun!!  We are very busy and we are not only working on our academics, but also on organizational strategies and being responsible for our learning!!! This month we are focusing on the IB trait Caring.

This week we are:


 Math- Chapter 8 Multiply Fractions by Whole Numbers!! We will test on Friday 2/16

In Social Studies we are continuing our unit on

In Native Americans of Florida.

Flocabulary-In the Kitchen Test 2/23

Language Arts we have been learning to identify Prose, Drama and Poetry!

Keep Reading to meet AR goals!!

We are focusing on writing this quarter!!

Opinion Writing this week!

*Panther Fit was Awesome!*

Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers!


Valentine’s Day-Students are welcome to bring Valentine’s for their classmates. I only ask that if you bring any, you bring one for everyone! 



Just some reminders: 

  • First of all homework.  Home work should take about 40 minutes not counting the 30 minutes of reading. If your student is struggling with a concept please have them work on it for 40 minutes then stop. Just write me a note in the planner and I will work with your child during class.  Homework is not meant to cause problems at home!
  • AR Your child has been given an AR goal and reading range. You will receive a note with your child’s login numbers so that you can check their progress.  It will not allow you to take AR quizzes from home. When choosing a book, make sure that not only is the book in their reading range, but is also age appropriate.  3rd Quarter goals will include taking 3 tests per week. This helps students to keep moving toward their goals.  
  • Multiplication “Mad Minutes” Students will be taking weekly timed tests to check for multiplication fluency.  If your child does not correctly complete the check for the week please sign and return. They will continue to take the same test until they are able to correctly complete 20 questions in one minute. We started with the 2 facts this week.  It is a great idea to have multiplication flashcard for students to practice. They have them at the Dollar Tree and in the dollar section at Target.
  • Think Sheets, we use Think Sheets when a student is asked to reflect on a behavior or choice that does follow the class Essential Agreement.  When this happens you will be asked to discuss it with your child and return it signed. If Think Sheets are not returned signed it counts as a missing homework assignment. 


Thank you for your continued support!

                                                         ~ Mrs. Ryan




Please feel free to contact me at

or at 239-481-1761