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Welcome to Ms. Bogart's Health and Physical Education site!!






2019-20 School Year Necessities:



Health Class- Folder & Notebook or Binder with folder pockets & loose leaf paper, glue stick or tape (4th & 5th only), Writing utensil, headphones or earbuds, chromebook, sneakers. 



P.E Class- 4th grade dress in athletic clothes wear sneakers 

5th grade & up: Change for P.E in locker rooms. Bring athletic clothes & Sneakers. 

Locks will be provided,

however you may bring your own 40 dial master lock

to be approved by PE staff. 


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September-Welcome Back!


  • HEALTH HOMEWORK - Bring health class rubric back signed for your first homework grade! 
  •    PE- Grades 5-8 Must bring clothes by the 3rd PE class of cycle for lock and locker distribution. 


NEW Locker Room Policy for Grades 6-8 ONLY  

     Locks will be distributed to borrow or you may purchase your own lock. 

     Every class you MUST bring your PE clothes in a bag with your lock locked onto your bag. 

     Choose a locker to use for the period, lock belongings inside, then take EVERYTHING when you leave. 

**All athletes grades 5-8 during their seasons will be assigned lockers. ONLY during their season(s).










If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via email!

Miss. Lauren Bogart