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Ms. Julia and Ms. Leslie's Preschool Class


 September 4th, 2018


Thematic Unit: Zoo
 zoo snack animal crackers and pretzel sticks for cage
Literacy -  
letter E
Book:  Wild About You
Theme Vocabulary:
 Same, Different, Colors, Body Parts, Adjectives, Rhyming,
Seonsory table -  zoo safari


  • Check in - Ssss, sss when the little green snake one day (snake motion)  Ssss, sss, went the little green snake.  Sss, sss went the little green snake one day and told me his birthday/name/age, etc.  Use different zoo animals.
  • Zoo songs with props
  • Zoo animals - same/different
  • Read Wild About You with AAO.  Students make sentences and click on animal to see funny video of zoo animal.
  • Pick jobs - (Muffin Man Tune) Pick different zoo keepers to search for animals.  Hide jobs under, in, behind animal.  Can you find the lion at the zoo, lion at the zoo, lion at the zoo.  Can you find the lion at the zoo.  He has your job.
  • Students move like favorite zoo animals.
  • Animal Cracker Charades - students pick animal cracker and act out the animal.
  • Balance - make banana peels and tape them to the floor - 1 in front of each child.  They will play "Monkey See, Monkey Do".  They follow actions of teacher.  Using non-verbal clues, students imate:  balance on one foot, then the other on the banana peel; hop forward, then backward over banana peelp; squat on bana peel; jump sideways over banana peel, etc.
  • Story bots elephant dance
  • Hand eye coordination - students toss packing peanuts into bucket to feed elephant
  • Calendar
  • Weather
  • Letter review game (animal theme)
  • zoo counting puzzles
  • zoo number clips
  • number books
  • qualitative concepts
  • order by size flamingos
  • comparing quanties
  • sizing by attributes
  • giraffe spot number game
  • IEP data
  • animal habitat categories
  • sequencing
  • beginning letter circle rainforest animals
  • rhyming
  • zoo animals - prepositions
  • name practice - zoo name puzzles
  • journal - letter/number writing practice
    • cutting shapes
    • same/different
    • copy shapes 
    • sounding out words - draw picture and write (monkey, snake)
    • key details in story
    • sight words
    • beginning sound zoo cards
    • letter hole punch
    • snake patterns on pipe cleaners with buttons or beads
    • nesting
    • journals
    • pegboards
    • black and white line practice (use striped paper, chevron (laminate)
    • elephant playdough roll, fill in dots
    • fine motor boxes