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Ms. Harmon’s 7th Grade Civics Class Constitution




Prepare yourself for an incredible year of learning! In our class it is my hope that you will be able to discover all about Civics and how it relates to your life.  I hope that this class will be very exciting as we venture to gain a deeper understanding of the role you play into civics and how civic responsibility affects our country and the world as a whole. Below I have prepared a constitution to establish, ensure, provide and promote our incredible learning journey!



Article 1- Expectations



We Are Teachable:

Teachability is the desire to learn and the willingness to change.

In this classroom we are teachable with our ideas: We are willing to learn new ideas, skills, and perspectives with an open mind.

In this classroom we are teachable with our attitudes: We are willing to handle situations and conflict with a positive and encouraging attitude.



We Are Honoring:

To honor means to treat something as valuable.

In this classroom we honor with our words: Everyone has valuable ideas and opinions and we will treat everyone with respect and dignity.

In this classroom we honor with our actions: Our actions are a way that we can show honor and respect by the way we interact with people, and how we respond to our peers and leaders. We will honor everyone’s time by being prompt, prepared, and ready to learn at all times.



We are Owners:

To have an ownership mindset means to think in an “I” or “we” mindset, not a “they” mindset.

In this classroom we own our environment: We will treat the facilities, the classrooms, and the materials with respect and care.

In this classroom we own our responsibility: We will take ownership of our responsibility and what is required of us, including classwork, homework, and all expectations.

In this classroom we own our actions: We take responsibility for our actions. We admit our mistakes and are willing to move forward to learn from them and become better.


To reinforce our expectations I will use the TOMS card that is already in place at Three Oaks Middle School in the handbook.  When expectations are broken, I will give a verbal warning.  If behavior continues, the student will be asked to give me their agenda book to be filled out.  If students are assigned detention due to a filled out TOMS card, parents can expect to be contacted by phone call. 



Article 2- Grades


Grades will be calculated from the following:

Tests/Quizzes/Projects 60%

Class work 20%

Homework 10%

Content Reading 10%

At the end of the year a final grade will be given from the four quarters together.  30% of the final grade will be EOC Civics exam given towards the end of the year.

I will attempt to update grades once a week by Friday at the end of the school day. Please look on Focus for updates.



If you are absent, you are responsible for getting your own make up work.  When you are absent you have two days to complete work from the day you get back, unless you have missed extended time.  If you know you are going to miss school please give me as much advanced notice as possible to get work prepared for you.


Article 3- Schedule


Throughout the course of this year we will be covering the following topics:


Semester 1:

U.S. Geography, Citizenship, Foundations of U.S. Government, Civil Right Amendments, Political Parties and Elections, and the U.S. Constitution. 


Semester 2:

Bill of Rights, Branches of Government, State and Local Government, Domestic and Foreign Policy, The Holocaust, Market Principles and Functions, Role of Government in Economics, and International Trade. 


Article 4- Parents

Feel free to call or email me with any questions or concerns.  You can reach me at 239-267-5757.  You can also email me at I look forward to partnering with you this school year!