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Kara Worsham

Algebra II  and Advanced Math



Dear Parents and Students,                                                                       


Welcome to Algebra II or Advanced Math!  This is my eleventh year teaching and my third year at University Academy and I’m excited about the opportunity to get to know you.   I’m looking forward to a happy and productive school year.


Students are asked to bring the following supplies to school the first week of school:


  • One Binder 1” to 1.5” for all class work.  Textbooks will not be used for this class; therefore a notebook to organize daily handouts and assignments is required. 
  • 1 packs of copy paper
  • Pencils (All work must be in pencil)
  • 1st  Hour is asked to bring container of Clorox Wipes
  • 2nd   Hour is asked to bring a package of Pencils
  • 3rd Hour is asked to bring a box of Tissues OR Hand Sanitizer
  • It is recommended/not required to purchase a Graphing Calculator for this class.  In class, examples will be done on the TI-Inspire CX on the board.  If you decided to purchase one it is recommended that you purchase the TI-Inspire CX. 
    • Calculators will be available in the classroom. 


Attached is information on how the class will be graded, as well as class expectations and class polices. 


I am excited about this new year and am committed to working with you to solve problems.  I will promptly correct and offer feedback on your work.  I will work with you to meet learning goals.  I will offer extra help and alternative assessments should you require them.


Once again, welcome to Algebra II or Advanced Math. 

Let’s work together to make this the best year ever!



How grades will be determined:



  • Homework will be assigned for this class and graded.  If a student does not have their homework fully attempted with work shown an Incomplete will be given and the assignment will be doubled.  If the work is turned in the next day, full credit will be awarded.  After this time the student will report to class for lunch detention until the assignment is completed for half credit.
  • Each 9-weeks there will be 3 to 5 tests given each worth 100-150 points.  Any student will be allowed to retake any test within a given time frame if all assignments have been completed. The two grades will be averaged together and this is the grade that will be recorded.  Several days before each test a Sample Test will be handed out.  The day before the test will be designated for review and any questions can be asked regarding the Sample Test.  A grade will be given for completion of the Sample Test.
  • Vocabulary quizzes will be given 2 to 3 times each 9-weeks worth 30-50 points each.
  • Students will be required to keep an organized Notebook in Geometry with all class notes, and assignments.  Notebooks will be checked each 9-weeks in Geometry worth 20 points for neatness, and orderly assignments.
  • Participation in class is vital for learning.  This means sharing your ideas, opinions, and answers and actively listening to others ideas, opinions, and answers. The more input you put into class, the more enjoyable it will be. 




Grade Scale
















  • Grades will be based on total accumulation of points throughout the 9-week period.
  • Work turned in to be graded should be on loose-leaf paper and written in pencil.
  • Please note that Attendance is very important!!! When you miss class you miss content.


If you need help please ask.  I am available some days after school for extra help.  I want everyone to be successful!!!!


Missing Class


If a student is present the day a test is announced and again on the test day, he/she will take the test even if he/she is absent the day before the test.


  • Students who miss class because of a school-sponsored event must turn in homework and get assignments prior to the absence.  Students who will miss a test for such reasons must make arrangements before the absence to take the test.
  • Students who miss a test will take a make-up test at the teacher’s convenience.   The make-up test may not be the same test as taken by the rest of the class.
  • Communication is the key, if you communicate with me prior to planned absences, or immediately after unplanned absences I will work with you. 



Classroom Expectations


Be Respectful: Be respectful of yourself, your environment, your fellow classmates, and your teacher. Speak in a normal tone of voice, and listen attentively.  Be honest and ethical, and practice strong moral values. Treat others the way you want to be treated.


Be Responsible:  The Oxford Dictionary defines responsible in this way: “Liable to be called into account. Morally accountable for one’s action...” Act rationally; choose wisely. Recognize your own role in building a fun and productive community of learners. Understand there will be consequences, both good and bad, for your actions.


Be A Worker: Do your job! Challenge yourself to be productive. Be prompt.  Be ready to learn when class begins and have materials ready.  Turn in work on time, and always do your best.  You are here; use your time wisely.  


Be Cooperative: Time and again you will be asked to do something that you may not like or think is worthless. Be mature; work through it. You may find that “getting there” is half the fun. Our world demands that you work well with others, offer to help.  Honor the ideas and opinions of others. Think—choose wisely.



Class Policy and Routine


  • Be on time and seated in your assigned seat on time. 
  • Be prepared:  pencil, paper, calculator, assignments, etc.
  • Vulgar and offensive language will not be tolerated.
  • The teacher’s desk, tables, cabinets, and closet are off-limits unless given permission.
  • Ask questions when you do not understand!!!
  • Inappropriate conduct will be documented on a discipline form and reported to the office.



Algebra II Syllabus 1st NINE WEEKS


Unit 1

  • Solving Equations Review: Multi-Step Equations, Literal Equations, Word Problems
  • Absolute Value Equations
  • Solving Inequalities Review: Multi-Step Inequalities, Compound Inequalities, Interval Notation
  • Absolute Value Inequalities


Unit 2

  • Relations & Functions Review: Relation vs. Function, Domain, Range, Evaluating Functions
  • Linear Functions Review:  Standard Form, Slope-Intercept Form, Graphing, Intercepts, Point Slope & Two Points, Applications, Linear Regression


Unit 3

  • Parent Functions & Transformations
  • Graphing Absolute Value Equations using Transformations (Vertex Form)
  • Standard Form of a Quadratic Equation/Inequality
  • Vertex Form of a Quadratic Equation/Inequality
  • Converting Standard Form to Vertex Form:  Completing the Square
  • Functions Review: Linear, Absolute Value, & Quadratic
  • Identify Parent Function, Domain, Range, Roots, End Behavior, etc.


Unit 4

  • Solving Quadratics by Graphing; Factoring Review
  • Solving Quadratics by Factoring:  Includes Standard Form/Factored Form/Vertex Form Reinforcement
  • Review Simplifying Square Roots;
  • Solving Quadratics by Square Roots
  • Pure Imaginary Numbers, Powers of i:  Includes Solving Quadratics by Square Roots with Pure Imaginary Solutions
  • Complex Numbers & Operations with Complex Numbers:  Includes Classifying Real & Complex, and Properties of Complex Numbers
  • Solving Quadratics by the Quadratic Formula:  Includes Complex Solutions)
  • Discriminant; Review all Methods to Solving Quadratics



Advanced Math Syllabus 1st NINE WEEKS


Unit 1

  • Exponents and Polynomial Operations
  • Factoring Polynomials
  • Rational Expressions
  • Radicals and Rational Exponents
  • Complex Numbers
  • Linear Equations & Absolute Value Equations
  • Quadratic Equations
  • Rational Equations Inequalities