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*******  Assessments**********



Please look at Ms. Valerie Therez's website at Cecilia Primary for assistance with math homework.



Practice additions facts with your child.


For review with your child, have them tell you which side of a number is in the tens place and which side is in the ones place.  For example, you could say circle the numeral in the tens place for 25 they would circle the 2.  Say put an X on the numeral in the ones place.  They would put there X on the 5.

Practice numbers before, after, or in between.  For example: What number comes before 30? 

 _________  30
What number comes after 13?   13 _________
These questions will continue to come up along with patterns and counting and writing how many were counted. 


These skills will continue to come up on tests as we move on through the lessons.