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 Wecome to Mrs. Hoskins Third Grade Class!








I am so thrilled to have your child in my classroom this year! This year will be filled with a lot of learning and adventures for both the students and I. Communication is a key role in building a successful year. In order to be successful, the students and I will need as much support as possible. Take a few minutes each day to discuss what they learned/learning in class, to go over their homework, or to simply read part of their book with them. By doing so, this shows them how highly you value education.  Our class web page will have a lot of useful information for you to refer to. I will update the website weekly, so please check back for important information!


Homework Reminders


It is essential that your child completes all of the assigned homework each day. Planners must be signed daily. This our easiest form of communication.




 I know that third grade seems scary and stressful, but I am always here to assist and answer any questions you may have along the way. This year, we will be using Google Classroom. If students may have questions, they will be able to contact me through Google Classroom.



Parent App: Remind (I will be available from 3:30 - 5:00. I will answer all questions within 48 hours)

Student App: Google Classroom 

Phone Number: (239) 458-0033


What should I know prior to the first day of school?


Be on the look out for the Diplomat postcard. This will be sent home in the mail. The post card will have information regarding open house. All paperwork will be filled out and returned that night. Diplomat will be selling school shirts, planners, and other supplies at open house. You are encouraged to bring in your child's school supplies that night if you have them :)




Our class binder contains our school planner, weekly newsletters, homework, spelling word lists, vocabulary words, or other important information. This will be used as a main source of communication. Please sign your child's binder EVERY night. Please feel free to write notes to me or let me know any questions or concerns you may have in the binder. I will be checking their planners and the binders every morning for notes. I cannot accept verbal confirmation with regards to dismissal, I want to make sure your child gets home safely. If you need to change the way they go home, please write and send in a yellow note (these will be provided to you). If you run out, let me know ASAP and call the front office to let them know of the change.




AR (Accelerated Reading)


Here are some important information to remember regarding AR this year.


  1.  You can check their scores and goal status by loging into LaunchPad. Their credentials can be located in their binders. Once you have signed into LaunchPad, go into "Instructional Apps" then to "Renaissance Home Connect."  You can click at the top of the page to set up email notifications for each test your child takes.
  2. Read the book more than once, check for understanding, and discuss it before taking a quiz. With chapter books, please stop at every chapter to discuss what happened. 
  3.  A.R. quizzes will not be deleted.
  4. Please remind them to take their time on the AR quizzes. If they miss any questions, not only does it lower their average (85% required), it also reduces the point value they recieve for that quiz.  
  5. I will be allowing them to check out books from our personal library in the classroom and books from the school library. It is crucial to remind them to take great care of our books and to return them in a timely manner so other students may read them. I am beyond excited to share my love for reading with them with all the new chapter books I have ready for them. 



Scholastic Book Club


I love to purchase books for our classroom based on what the students are interested in. There is no better feeling than when the students are so excited to read. Books can be expensive at times. "How can I help?" I am so glad you asked :). Every month I will be sending home a scholastic book order form. It shows you all the books that you may purchase for that month. After you have purchased a book or two, then we earn points for our own personal classroom. These points are used to purchase new books for the classroom. It is easier to order online than to send in cash or a check to school. When you go onto the website, they will ask you for the classroom code.


Our classroom code is: R4RX6