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Haddonfield Middle School Orchestra


When and Where?!


6th Grade Orchestra: Every A day during Bulldawg Block (5th period)

7th Grade Orchestra: Every A day during Bulldawg Block (2nd period)

8th Grade Orchestra: Every A day during Bulldawg Block (8th period)


Full Orchestra: Before school - TBD




Lessons will take place once every 6 school days.  Lessons schedule can be found on Google classroom.


Google Classroom Codes


6th Grade-  q7gwjn


7th Grade-  3k2z8q


8th Grade-  12rakte


Attendance (in compliance with school policy!)


● Unexcused absences: usual illnesses, doctor/medical appointment (orthodontist, well visits, sick visit), truancy, more than 10 minutes late to class, class cut, nurse office visit, family vacations, and family obligations, etc. up to the limits established for each course.


● Excused absences: Absences due to religious observance, college visit (up to 3 days per school year, only students in 11 th and 12 th grade),” take your child to work day” or other rule issued by the Commissioner, participation in an approved school activity (field trip, meeting, athletic competition), suspension from school, chronic illness with documentation (surgery, accidents, illnesses with long recuperation periods), death in the family. Medical notes must be sent to the Attendance Office or Nurse upon the return of the student from the absence; medical notes may be faxed as well. All medical notes must include a signature.



Record keeping for tardiness will be cumulative and effective on the first day of school. Students who are tardy to school (after 8:00 AM) are to report directly to the office. A student must present a note, specifying the reason for lateness, the date, and expected time of arrival. Students who do not present a note may be questioned regarding truancy. Excessive tardiness is defined as 5 or more unexcused lateness to school/class. Excessive tardiness may result in detentions, as well as a parent-teacher conference with the Assistant Principal and school counselor.



Consequences for excessive tardiness:

5 Tardies - 1 detention/Parent Contact

6-9 Tardies - 2 detentions/Parent Contact

10 Tardies - Conference with Parent and Student