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- 7:57am start time every Monday,  Wednesday and Friday morning


- marked tardy after immediately after the 2nd bell  **Excessive tardiness is a disciplinary issue and will be dealt with as such. Excessive tardiness is defined as 5 or more unexcused lateness to class.  Excessive tardiness may result in detentions, as well as a parent-teacher conference with the Dean of Students and school counselor.**


- all dress rehearsal and concerts are mandatory!



This policy distinguishes between  Excused absences and Unexcused absences in the following way:


Unexcused  absences: usual illnesses, doctor/medical appointment (orthodontist, well visits, sick visit), truancy, more than 10 minutes late to class, class cut, nurse office visit,  family vacations, and family obligations, etc. up to the limits established for each course.


Excused absencesAbsences due to religious observance, college visit (up to 3 days per school year, only students in 11th and 12th grade),” take your child to work day” or other rule issued by the Commissioner, participation in an approved school activity (field trip, meeting, athletic competition), suspension from school, chronic illness with documentation (surgery, accidents, illnesses with long recuperation periods), death in the family.  Medical notes must be sent to the Attendance Office or Nurse upon the return of the student from the absence; medical notes may be faxed as well. All medical notes must include a signature.


- Warning letters will be sent home throughout the duration of the academic year. Parents will be notified by mail when a student’s absences reach the following totals: 10, 15, 21


- Students will be denied credit when they have reached the following number of absences:  21 total absences




- all students must complete 5 lessons per quarter


- if scheduled for more than 5 lessons, the extra lessons can be skipped or attended for extra credit


- if not scheduled for 5 lessons, student must come to Miss Thompson with schedule to coordinated the needed 5 lessons


- taking more than 5 lessons per quarter will add up as extra credit