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Dear Parents and Students,


Welcome to fourth grade!! I am so thrilled to begin working with you! This year promises to be full of learning, growing and fun! I will strive for all my students to perform to the best of their ability. Our theme in fourth grade this year is Growth Mindset. We believe that if you can change your words, you can change your mindset and that there is a difference between not knowing and not knowing YET. This will teach students to learn from mistakes and embrace hard work. For more information on Growth Mindset, please see the link in the sidebar.


Throughout the year you can expect your child to evolve as a reader, writer, mathematician, scientist and historian! We will read a variety of texts, publish multiple writing pieces, and complete engaging projects. This year we are launching Lucy Calkins' Writing Workshop which ties very well with our current Reading Workshop program. This will familiarize students with the genres they regularly encounter throughout school and will teach them to write thesis-driven persuasive essays, literary essays, and research reports. 


Fourth grade will also be implementing flexible seating. We believe that every student has a different type of learning style. Students will be able to choose different locations in the room and a variety of seating options in which they feel will enable them to stay motivated and work hard. For more information on flexible seating please see the link in the sidebar.


I am looking forward to the great year we will have! Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


All the best,

Mrs. Kash



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