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Dear Parents and Students, 


Welcome to fourth grade! I am extremely excited to begin working with you. This year promises to be full of successes, challenges, and fun! We will focus on Our theme for fourth grade is Change Your Words, Change Your Mindset. We are focusing on cultivating a Growth Mindset. This will enable us to learn from our mistakes and embrace hard work!


In order to further guide our students towards becoming self-directed and motivated learners, I am implementing flexible seating in our classroom. This enables students to choose where in the classroom they will work in order to be the most successful. To learn more about the philosophy of flexible seating please visit the link in the sidebar. 


Throughout the year you can expect your child to evolve as a reader, writer, mathematician, scientist, and historian! We will read a variety of texts, publish multiple writing pieces, and complete engaging projects. 


I am eager to work with you and your child throughout the year. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.



Ms. Tedeschi