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12/10/18 This week we will continue to study argumentative essays.  We will be reading: Ain't I a Woman? Remarks from the U.N, and Failure to Ban Violent Video Games. Our last Membean Test for the quarter will be on Friday so please make sure your child is doing their practice minutes at home. 

12/3/18 We will continue our unit on argumentative essays this week.  The students are learning how to critique sources.  The article we will be reading is, 

 Another Study Highlights the Insanity of Selling Junk Food in School Vending Machines.

11/26/18 This week we will continue our unit on explanatory text by reading and analyzing America the Not So Beautiful.    Please remind your child that their book task will be due after the break.  The next Membean test will be on 11/30/18. Please make sure your child is doing their practice minutes at home. 

11/5/18 Book Task due 11/27/18.

10/29/18 This week we will be talking about credible sources and we will begin researching our topic for our explanatory essay.  The students have really enjoyed our unit on advertising and now will be researching and writing a paper about advertising and its effect on people their age.  Please make sure your child is doing at least two sessions of Membean at home.  

10/22/18  Happy Monday.  This week we will continue our unit on advertising.  Specifically we are exploring how advertising influences the spending of youth and their parents.  We have started a canned food drive in our homeroom for those in need over the holidays.  If you would like to contribute please send canned/boxed goods to school with your child.  

10/15/18 Welcome to conference week!  During Language Arts we will begin our unit on advertising and how it affects teenagers.  We will begin by reading, "$211 Billion and So Much More."  Later in the week we will be reading the informative text, "Facts about Marketing to Children."  Please make sure your child is keeping up with their Membean minutes at home.  

10/8/18 This week we will be writing our own myths.  The students will be taken step by step through the writing process.   Please remember that next week are conferences and the students will be released at 1:30.  

10/1/18 I hope you enjoyed your time off.  This week we will be reading African Myth and Raven.  the students will then begin to draft their own myth.  There will be a Membean test on Friday so please make sure they're doing their practice at home.

9/17/18 We're almost done testing!  We will continue our mythology unit this week by studying the story, "Arachneid."  The book task is due today.  

9/10/18 This week we will start our unit on mythology and we will be analyzing, "Phaethon."  There will also be IOWA and CogAT testing.  Students are allowed to bring a calculator for testing but they will not be provided with one.  No phones or Apple Watches may be used.  Please make sure they are keeping up with their minutes at home.  

Your child has been assigned a Book Task on the book they have been reading in class.  It will be due on Friday.  They are to choose one task from the choice board. 

9/3/18 I hope you enjoyed your long weekend.  This week we will wrap up our book projects in class and have an introduction to mythology.  

8/27/18 This week we will continue writing our personal narratives.  The students will have their first Membean test on Wednesday so please make sure they have been practicing at home. 

8/20/18 This week we will be reading, "Why Couldn't I Have Been Named Ashley?"  This is the third in a serious of personal narratives that we have been studying.  This week your child will begin to write their own personal narrative and how to edit their writing.  


Welcome to 7th Grade ELA!


This week we will be reading Bad BoyOur unit is about choices and the students will be discussing the choices the characters in our narrative have made and choices of their own.

Membean: Our vocabulary system is called Membean and it is online.  Each student has a login and they are to do two sessions at home each week for 15 minutes.  They get to decide which days they will do their practice.  At the end of each two week session, the students will be tested on the words they have been practicing.  Please check with your child to make sure they are doing their practice.



I look forward to working with you and your child this year. 


Vocabulary for unit one:

coherence: the clear and orderly presentation of ideas in a paragraph or essay.

effect: a change that results from a specific action

symbolism: the use of symbols

external coherence: unity or logical connection between paragraphs with effective transitions and transitional devices.

internal coherence: unity or logical connection within paragraphs

effective: producing a desired or intended result

connotation: the suggested or implied meaning or emotion associated with a word-beyond its literal meaning.

denotation: the exact, literal meaning of a word

characterization: the methods a writer uses to develop characters; description, actions and dialogue

genre: a category or type of literature, such as short story, folk tale, poem, novel, or play

myth: a traditional story that explains the actions of gods or heroes or the origins of the elements of nature.

figurative language: imaginative language that is not meant to be interpreted literally

sensory details: words or information that appeal to the five senses.

symbol: an object, a person, or a place that stands for something else.

narrative: a type of writing that tells a story or describes a sequence of events in a n incident.