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Vocabulary for unit three:

Subordinate: To make something less important.

Perspective: The way a specific character views a situation or other characters.

Interpret: To explain the meaning of something.

Imagery: Descriptive or figurative language used to create word pictures.

Motif: A recurring element, image, or idea in a work of literature.

Mood: The overall emotional quality of a work, which is created by the author's language and tone.

Flashback: A sudden and vivid memory of an event in the past.

Foreshadowing: Clues or hints signaling events that will occur later in the plot.

Allusion: A reference to a well known person, place, event, literary work, or work of art.




*****Please remember that students will not be given a vocabulary test on these terms.  They need to know what they mean and be able to apply or identify them in  a text.*******


1-22-18 This week we will continue our unit on Arguementative Essays.  Students will learn the different elements of an arguement and how to write a claim.  Reading Logs and Membean will continue this week.  Please make sure that your child is reading at least 15 minutes a night in a grade appropriate novel and you are initialing their logs.  They are due every Friday.  Your child should also being doing two- fifteen minute practice sessions of Membean each week.  


 1/28/18 We will be writing our Arguementative Essays this week.  The students will be given a detailed graphic organizer that we will do piece by piece in class.  Attendance is very important.  Students should be reading, filling out their reading logs and doing the two sessions of Membean.  Reading Logs and Membean minutes are always due on Friday.  



Reading Log


2/5/18 This week we will continue our study of arguementative texts.  We will look at tone, text features, and supporting a claim.  I have attatched the articles if you would like to review them.  Friday will be the Unit 2 vocabulary list.  The words are listed above and have been used in class the last three weeks.  

Ain't I a Woman?                    Remarks of UN



 2/12/18 This week we will be taking the Unit 2 test.  This test is on comprehension and your child will be given their testing accommodations.  The test will be broken down into three parts to make it more managable.  The end of the week we will be reading and discussing the article Screen Time?  We will be having our Membean test on Friday so please make sure your child has done their minutes at home.  



 2/16/18 Just a reminder that we will begin Tangerine when we return.  I have attatched a video link that you can listen to.  I hope everyone has a wonderful break.


2/26/18 Welcome back.  This week we will begin our novel study of Tanerine. We will be reading the book in class but it is always helpful to listen to the audio if your child wishes to review the sections we read each week.  This week we will read entries August 18-23.  Membean practice will resume this week.  Please make sure your child does two 15 minute sections at home on the days of their choice.  Reading logs will be due on Friday.  



Reading for Tuesday- Monday, August 28-Saturday, September 9.

Reading for Thursday- Monday, September 11.  A Stunning Tale of Escape Traps its Hero in Replay


3/26/18 We will continue our novel study this week of Tangerine.  Please make sure your child is doing their Membean minutes and reading logs.  Below I have added additional information about our upcoming field trip on May 4th.  Hall of Fame


4/16/18 It's testing week for our 7th graders.  Please make sure they get plenty of sleep and a good breakfast before coming to school.  There will be no Membean or Reading Logs this week.  


4/23/18 We made it through testing! Wahooooo.  The kids did great.  This week we will go back to our normal schedule.  Please make sure your child is reading at home for thier log and completing their two Membean sessions.  We will be completing Tangerine this week.  If you have not already turned in your permission slip, they are due by this Friday, April 27th. 


4/30/18 We have completed the novel Tangerine and we will be doing a short writing assignment on the motifs of the book.  For the remainder of the school year we will be doing a short unit on Nelson Mandela. I have attatched the articles we will be reviewing this week. The Nobel Peace Prize 1993 

Long Walk to Freedom


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