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 6th Grade:   We are now on Earth's Waters unit, which is Unit 3 in the worktext.. Access your worktext with the link on the side menu.  DO NOT use Chrome when you open the link.  Open my blog on another browser first, then open the link.  Use your O365 username and password to sign in.




8th grade PBL Science Academy:   
Driving Question:  "How does Chemistry affect baking in everyday life?"

Thanks SO much to Ms. Morris and Brooklyn and Shannon for kicking off this unit!



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8th Grade PBL Science Academy:

6th Grade Earth Science:




Week of Dec. 10


M-Start Test Kitchen Report (Problem and solution, Research, hypothesis, cost analysis

T-Chemistry of Cookies text reading with quiz and MSB Chemisty of Cooking

W-work on test kitchen report; finish video research

Th & F-Blind Taste Test Event!!!  Don't forget to bring your baked goods and serving items on the day that you signed up for!


6th- Next Test will be Wed. Dec. 19.  

Click HERE for the Study guide (due Monday Dec. 17)

M-Ocean Waves notes( 210-219); start tri-foldable for ocean motions.

T-Currents notes and work on foldable  (p. 222-235)

W-Currents Lab

Th-Tides notes (p. 140-149)

F-Tides, continued.  Finish foldable.  



Week of Dec 3

8th--Click HERE  for parent information about the Chemistry of Baking project

M-Chemical change indicators/baking comparison demonstrations and notes

T-Research recipes

W-Essential elements of baking research notes and videos

Th-calculate price of recipe ingredients--signed parent information slip due

F-Start test kitchen report



M-Ocean floor features (worktext p. 197-203)

T-Quiz over Water cycle and the distribution of Earth's waters

W-Topography of the Ocean floor lab

Th-Location and Composition of Ocean water (194-196)

F-Ocean Station Rotations


Week of Nov. 26


M-W Work on Rube Goldberg Machines

Th-Introduction to new PBL unit:  How does chemistry affect baking in everyday life?

F-Ms. Morris, guest speaker



M-Earth's waters distribution Lab 

T- Water Cycle notes (162-165 in worktext)

W-Journey through the water cycle; finish comic strip for HW

Th-Features of the ocean floor notes

F- Career Cruising with the Counselor



Week of Nov. 12


M-Simple machines research

T-Catapult build and test

W-Catapult challenges

Th-Simple machines stations

F- Coaster Creator and RGM simulations



You have a lot of information to remember for this test!  Click here for the KEY  to your study guide.  We will have a two day review, but you still need to study.

M-Review for test (Digital lessons assignments on winds and weather patterns on the HMH online link)

T-Review for test Quizlet and Quizizz

W-Unit 3B Weather test

Th-F- Hurricanes and Tornadoes webquest project



Week of Nov. 5


M-Apollo 13 movie and video organizer

T-no school (I will be showing some of your Mars Missions work to other teachers in the county!)

W- finish Apollo 13

Th and F- Quick prototyping STEM challenges



M-Tellus Museum field trip!! Woohoo!!

T-no school

W-How the water cycle affects weather; label diagrams on page 292 & 293

Th & F- Air Masses and Fronts (Worktext p. 294-303)


Week of October 29


M-Payload Protection STEM Challenge--Testing of Impact Forces

T-Mars Rover STEM Challenge

W-Mars and International Space station Virtual Reality!!

Th-Complete Mars Rover challenge

F-Start Apollo 13 movie



M-Jet Stream and Coriolis Effect notes (worktext p. 277)

T-Local Winds notes (worktext 282-283)

W-Quiz over Global winds, Local Winds, Jet Stream and Coriolis Effect

Th-Air pressure notes and demonstrations (worktext p. 296&7)

F-Humidity Lab 



Week of October 22



M-Guest Speaker, NASA Space Historian, Mr. Andrew Chaikin

T-finish Systems Engineering Mission challenge

W-Landing Target STEM Challenge

Th-F-Payload Protection STEM Challenge



M- Guest Speaker, NASA Space Historian, Mr. Andrew Chaikin

T-Review for test on Wed.  Click here for Study Guide KEY

W-Unit Test over Weather, Part A:  Atmosphere, and heating of the atmosphere; after the test, take Cornell notes over Wind, p. 276-277

Th- Notes on Global winds and Jet Stream (worktext p. 278-280)

F- Notes on Local winds (worktext p. 282-283)



Week of October 15 (Conference Week)



We're going Marsbound!  Driving Question:  Do you have "The Right Stuff" for Mars exploration?

M-Philosophical chairs concerning the issues of Mars Exploration

T-Th-Mission Systems Planning

F-Develop questions for a NASA expert who will visit our class on Monday



M-Finish Lab report, and make group presentations

T-Greenhouse effect notes

W-Energy Transfer Worktext: read and do pages 261-271; finish for homework; be sure to return worktext

Th-Heat Transfer demonstrations and modeling activity

F-Heat transfer with popcorn--you don't want to miss this one!


Week of October  8



M-Complete testing and modifications on solar car; finish analysis questions


W-"Spider" video

Th- Develop questions for NASA expert 

F-Solar Car race competition!!



M-Layers of the atmosphere notes

T-Layers of the atmosphere activity/Bill Nye Atmosphere

W-Composition of the atmosphere notes

Th- Heating of land vs. water: Inquiry lab investigation planning

F- Conduct the lab investigation 



Week of October 1



 M- Solar Energy videos research

T-Introduction to Solar Car Challenge

W- Solar Car assembly

Th-finish solar car assembly

F-Solar car testing and modifications (weather permitting)




We had lots of fun the week before the break making stop motion moon phases with oreo cookies!  Click HERE to see two of the videos! 


M- Eclipses Lab inquiry with Question Formulation Technique

T- Eclipses, notes and diagrams

W- Eclipses practice quiz with Brainpop; Unit 2 Vocabulary review

Th-Legends of Learning Eclipses games

F- Eclipses quiz; Unit 2 Vocabulary Post test



Week of Sept. 17



M-Testing of samples for identification

T--W- Analyze and organize data; create a presentation poster to display results of testing and conclusions

Th- Write a C-E-R to claim the innocence or guilt of Mr. Potatohead based on the results of the team's testing.  Organize portfololio for submission.

F- Final presentation of testing results; You may be cross-examined by our "judge", so be prepared to support your findings.  Submit all documents.



M- Moon Phases Lab

T-Review for test.  Unit 2 Study Guide.docx .  You can also review with your digital lessons and online text.  Eclipses and tides will NOT be on this test.

W- Unit 2 Test over Seasons and Moon Phases. 

Th- Show what you know about moon phases-- you will make a stop motion video!  

F- Moon Mysteries video 


Week of Sept. 10



M- CSI webquest

T-Intro to new problem and requirements

W-Th- Research physical & chemical properties for individual substances for team

F- submit plan for testing substances



M- Notes on rotation/revolution and Bill Nye Seasons video

T -Digital lesson and virtual lab on Earth days, years and seasons (HMH online assignments)

W-Direct vs Indirect sunlight lab

Th-Phases of the moon notes

F-Moon phases and eclipses digital lesson and Spheres in space (HMH online assignments)




Week of Sept. 3 (No school on Monday)




Thanks to Laura Walters, professional artist, and Tracey Homer, Cobb STEM expert for giving feedback and judging Periodic Table Data Art. 


Click HERE to see video of the Periodic Table Data Art Exhibits




Also, thanks to Ms. Danielle and Ms. Kelsey of Pearl's Spa Boutique in Acworth for the chemistry of bath bombs lesson to jumpstart our next problem! 






T-Guest Speakers from Pearl's Spa will be leading a lesson on physical and chemical properties.

W-Periodic Table Data Art Exhibition--two guest artists will be reviewing and giving critique of student work.

Th-Periodic Table Data Art reflection and Ted Talk with Taylor Wilson (Yup, I built a nuclear reactor)

F-Atomic Breakout



T-Review for Unit 1 Test.  Go to the online worktext (link on the side menu). I have loaded digital lessons in your assignments folder for you to review and practice with.  Click here for the answer key to your study guide. 

W-Unit 1 Summative Test

Th-Worktext in class pages 115-123

F-Gravity Exploration Lab




Week of Aug. 27



M-examine past Data Art projects, review rubric, and complete planner for project

T-Th- work on Periodic Table Data Art project  (Data Art Show will be held on Wednesday)

F-Atomic breakout (if projects are complete)




M- finish planet research and start postcard

T-Comets, asteroids and meteors organizer


W-finish organizer; read and do p. 89-100 in HMH worktext


Th- Computer Lab simulations (Click here for the Gravity and Orbits link).  Use your HMH worktext link and do the Graviy and Solar System digital lesson, and the "You Solve it" simulation "How can you design a satellite's orbit?"

F-Gravity and planet notes; Catch up and review with Unit 1 review questions, HMH worktext p. 105-110


Week of Aug. 20



M-Atoms and Periodic Table Station Rotations

T-Introduction to new challenge 

W-Th- Periodic Table research

F- Start Periodic Table Data Art challenge



M-Milky Way Galaxy video

T-Cosmic Address activity and read in worktext p. 44 & 47

W- Struture of the universe digital lesson (from the Science worktext website link); start planet research

Th- Complete planet research

F- Design a "Postcard" from a planet (specific planet TBD)




Week of Aug 13



M-7 Minute Trash to Treasure Challenge and Recycled Orchestra video

T- W Research atomic structure and build a model

Th- Cheeto Measurement Lab

F-  STEM measurement Challenge



M-Student Growth Measure pre-test for the year's content

T- Big Bang Theory Balloon lab

W- First Quiz over historical and current scientific models of the formation of the universe

Th-Scale of the Universe 

F-Solar System outside activity (weather permitting)


Congrats to all 8th grade PBL students who "Broke Out" of the Team Escape Challenge.  All are now the New Generation Jedi Apprentices, being trained by Obi Wan McIntire





Week of Aug. 6


What a fun first few days of school!  8th graders, I hope you are looking forward to many problems and "fails" (haha--you know what I mean) this year!  6th graders, I hope you are realizing that Earth Science "Rocks" (haha-you know what I mean)!  Here's what's on the agenda for this week:



M-W Your first STEM challenge with design brief

Th- Instant challenge

F-Reverse Engineering (Make sure you have turned in your tool safety contract, because you don't want to miss this one!


6th--A BIG Thank You to Mrs. Chapman, Mrs. Amawi, and Ms. Mac for helping us with our first lab!  

M-Claim, Evidence, Reasoning activity

T-Early models of the Universe (HW:  worktext p10-13). 

W-Cosmic times article activity

Th- Big Bang balloon lab

F-Compare and contrast models and theories







 6th Grade:  Welcome to Palmer Science!  Get ready for a year of exciting learning with lots of hands on activities!  You will study the proccesses of Earth Systems from inside the earth to outer space!  You will find connections to Human Survival in  Astronomy, Meteorology, Hydrology, and Geology.  Earth Science "Rocks"!




8th graders will have fun in PBL (Problem Based Learning) Science Academy!  Get ready to learn through inquiry, collaboration and critical thinking skills--all the things that make learning exciting, challenging, fun, and rewarding.  You will solve real world problems through design, engineering, and technology.  Second semester will focus on solving problems in Automation and Robotics in our Project Lead the Way module this year.  It's AWESOME!!


Did I mention that you will have problems?  Don't worry--you'll figure it out!  (That's what this class is all about...)




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