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 6th Grade:  Welcome to Palmer Science!  Get ready for a year of exciting learning with lots of hands on activities!  You will study the proccesses of Earth Systems from inside the earth to outer space!  You will find connections to Human Survival in  Astronomy, Meteorology, Hydrology, and Geology.  Earth Science "Rocks"!


8th graders will have fun in PBL (Problem Based Learning) Science Academy!  PBL classes will have real world problem solving and projects to develop, with a science focus.  You will develop skills in collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking as you work through the science problems.  You will work through technological problems as you learn and use many different kinds of technology.  Did I mention that you will have problems?  Don't worry--you'll figure it out!  (That's what this class is all about...)



Watch the video to see PBL Science Highlights from 2017-18!


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8th Grade PBL Science Academy:

6th Grade Earth Science: